We’re Turning Black Friday Into Black OPS Friday

by ecadmin on November 21, 2017

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a day that people are typically looking for bargains and deals. But we believe it doesn’t always have to be focused on price slashing, mega discounts, and freebies. Sometimes a good deal – let’s make that a great deal – is simply being able to get a hold of something that’s painstakingly-engineered, carefully-crafted, and built to last. Good old fashioned high quality that’s worth every penny.

The latest edition of our greatest case is exactly that.

We’ve chosen to introduce the 6th generation of our flagship case, Black OPS, this Friday. The same day the big box stores will see shoppers tearing other shoppers’ hair out in the almighty quest to see who can grab hold of that last $99 off-brand TV.

While those folks are inflicting bodily harm upon each other to secure merchandise of questionable quality, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and go online to obtain the case that delivers the ultimate in covert protection for your new iPhone X.

Black OPS is decidedly ultra-premium, featuring CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum, a military-grade G10 reinforced back plate, and super tough black type III “hard anodized” coating. It also unveils our revolutionary new DropShock™ Body: an exclusive impact absorbing three-layer design (aluminum, polycarbonate, TPU) that dissipates energy to withstand extreme bumps, drops, and collisions.

Black OPS is set for deployment this Friday at zero hundred hours. So, get ready, because we know you know a great deal when you see one.

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