The Story of Waste to Waves by Sustainable Surf

You don’t have to be a surfer to understand the environmental hazard of throwing away Styrofoam in the landfill.  Most people don’t know that white Styrofoam found in packaging for television, furniture, etc… is exactly the same foam used in an EPS surfboard. This material can be recycled indefinitely, which is much better than putting it into landfills and letting it get in the ocean.  Thankfully, a local CA company has started not only to change how the surf industry views their impact on the environment but how we as consumers now have an option for the disposal of this substance.

That said, Waste to Waves was developed by the non-profit organization Sustainable Surf. The program launch includes 40 participating surf shops housing branded, in-store collection boxes into which customers can deposit recyclable foam, keeping it out the landfill and cutting the CO2 footprint of a surf blank in half.

By participating, you can directly help create “greener” surfboard materials that help reduce negative impacts from surfboard production, and you’ll be diverting this foam/plastic trash away from the waste stream and potentially ending up on our oceans, waves and beaches.

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