iPhone 5 Case – Sector 5 Development Update

Hello Element Case customers & fans!

The new Sector line has been in development for a long time, and the overwhelming response to the Sector 4 case has us really excited to bring you the Sector 5 for the iPhone 5. Here are the latest developments:

Friday –  We received our first iPhone 5 test phones and after evaluating it, I just want to say that this phone is amazing!

Saturday – We took our new iPhone 5s to our test facility in Santa Cruz, CA, along with our prototype Sector 5 case for in depth technical testing.

For the most part, the iPhone 5 is what we expected and our new design was (more…)

Element Case Sector – For iPhone 5

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UPDATE: Sector 5 Development Update from Element Case CEO


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Sector 5 release update!


New Sector 4 Case launches!

Today we launched the ALL NEW case for iPhone that’s going to rock the iPhone world. It’s called the “Sector.” As expected, the Sector case will change the way you think of premium iPhone protection and style. Sign up above to get on the Sector iPhone case notification list and to reserve your Sector for iPhone 5. This is separate from our normal email list.

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