Ronin II – G10 – Exclusive to colette, Paris

Element Case Ronin II G10 colette



colette, located along 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris first opened its doors in March 1997. Aiming to reinvent the concept of retail in its seven hundred square-meter establishment. Spanning three levels, customers are invited to encounter the colette experience, which comprises a never ending assortment of fashion, high-tech, arts, streetwear, beauty and waters.

New Ronin II G10 Collection for iPhone 5/5s

Element Case Ronin II G10 Collection
Ronin II G10 in Titanium and Stainless Steel

The beautifully unique weave pattern of black mil spec G10 is subtle but unmistakable. Despite it’s limited availability and costly production requirements, the Ronin G10 Titanium™ became our most desired case in 2013. So, for 2014 we’ve added the RONIN II G10 COLLECTION, which include three incredible models – Ronin II G10 Titanium, Ronin II G10 Stainless Steel, and the Ronin II G10 Aluminum.

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Element Case Wood Series – New cases for iPhone and iPad

Element Case Wood Series iPhone cases and iPad cases

Once again, we’ve joined wood and metal to form a combination of elements that is pleasing to the eye (and touch) in a whole new series of products. The Element Case Wood Series, for both iPhone and iPad, wraps a protective composite layer around your device covered with a very thin, genuine wood laminate. The result is lightweight protection in an attractive package that adds a new dimension of luxury to your iPhone or iPad.

The Element Case Wood Series for iPad is a one-piece carbon fiber cover with a wood overlay that fits the iPad 2 and the new iPad with cutouts for all of the ports, switches and connectors. The Element Case Wood Series iPhone case is also a one piece composite cover with wood laminate but it also includes an adhesive wood front plate to give you all over protection. The front plate is like the back plate included with many of our other cases – it has a reusable adhesive so that you can easily remove it for repositioning or just to save it for later. As long as you keep the adhesive clean, you can reuse it almost indefinitely!

The front plate is also sold separately with a matching wood back plate as the Element Case Wood Series Elements Kit. As shown in the image above, you can install the Elements Kit with any of our bumper style iPhone cases (Vapor Pro or Vapor COMP) and add that wood touch to a case that you already have.

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ION and Formula Composite Line iPhone Cases on Sale Now!

Element Case Composite Line
Composite Line on Sale!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve marked down (more…)

New Case – Vapor R8 Pro Edition

Vapor R8 Pro iPhone Case
Vapor R8 Pro iPhone Case

The new Vapor R8 Pro just left pit lane and will blow your doors off. It combines our two most popular finishes, gloss white powder-coat and bead-blasted matte black anodized, in 2 variations with an added new finish – all gloss black powdercoat. Each case comes with a real carbon fiber back plate and an Ultrasuede® back plate, both featuring a new R8 Pro graphic for that finishing touch that ties the high performance look with your iPhone. The Vapor R8 Pro also comes with a Transit Kit that includes a Transit Zipper Case, Screen Protector, and a Vapor Pro Speed Wrench for your keychain.

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