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Build a Custom Element Case Sector 5 with Endless Possibilities
Element Case Custom Sector 5 Colors

Our Design Studio has been live for about a year so that customers could design and build a custom Element Case Vapor COMP or Vapor Pro for their iPhone 4. Now we’re blowing the lid off the iPhone 5 case market and you can build an Element Case Sector 5 of your very own design by choosing from different side rails, end caps, corner links, screws, power buttons, screws and back plates.

With over 40,000 combinations of parts and accessories available, the Sector 5 that you design is uniquely yours. So, each custom iPhone case that comes out of the Design Studio is labeled DS-01, meaning that it is the first in a series that you can create or 1 of 1 available.

We’ll build your new custom iPhone case exactly to the specs that you choose and deliver it to you. Create your own Sector 5 now at the Element Case Design Studio!

Designing the Sector 5 iPhone Case

Element Case Sector 5 aluminum iphone case design sketches

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking us how we came up with the design of the Sector 5, so I thought I’d share some of the design history of this very unusual iPhone case.

In summer of 2011, I was at Northstar Bike Park in Tahoe, for some downhill mountain biking and R&R with my buddies. All weekend I had been pondering the fate of the iPhone 4 prior to the 4S announcement. As I walked into the Northstar Village Oakley store, my attention was instantly taken by a display of modular goggles. That’s when it struck me: How cool would it be if our case was modular, customizable, and had upgradeable optional components?

I started sketching some ideas in the condo that night and again over coffee the next day. Some of the original sketches drawn on a Northstar pad are shown in the image above.

Soon after, two good things came about for Element Case.

The first was the Element Case Design Studio, which allows people to custom build a case on our website and have it shipped within days. Kudos to our web development team and supply chain team for making that happen.

The second was the design of the Sector 4 for the iPhone 4S. You may be asking yourself why we created the Sector 4 knowing that the iPhone 5 was on the way. Well, it’s because the design is complex, and the concept would need to be developed and proven prior to the release of the iPhone 5.

So, after a long year of development we launched the Sector 4, and then we eagerly awaited the arrival of the iPhone 5 in order to apply the Sector 4 design language to a new Sector 5.

Getting back to the original concept of “modular” and “upgradable,” we’ll soon be offering cool accessories and upgrades to the Sector 5. All of this takes time but we’re already rolling, so be patient as great new things are on the way for the Sector 5 line.

-Jeff Sasaki, CEO

Sector 5 Update – iPhone 5 Case Production and Image Update

Pre-Production Sector 5 iPhone 5 case photos

In our last Sector 5 iPhone case update, we showed you prototype CAD renderings after we made design changes prompted by getting the actual iPhone 5 into our hands. After finishing and testing the updated prototypes, our shop went to work getting ready for production manufacturing. Machining aluminum parts for production is different than creating a prototype because things like CNC tool path efficiency and material fixturing have to be considered in order to maximize production volume while minimizing machine time. The methodology for this varies with each machine shop and the CNC machines that they use. While it may sound completely mechanical, high end machining like this is as much art as it is science and our shop is top notch.

We have now gone into production just six days after our last prototype was completed! Next week, we hope to have the first ordering group’s production units completed and off to anodizing with the second group’s orders well under way.

Above is an image of a pre-production unit just after coming back from our anodizing shop so that we could do a final evaluation of the new “Graphite Grey” which is a special color for the Sector 5 FE (First Edition).

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NOTE: The reservation list is long and we’re working as quickly as we can to make as many as possible while still meeting or exceeding our standards of quality. As we ramp up production, we will be able to increase the size of each pre-order group. Sorry, but we’re getting way too many requests to find out where people are in the list and we will no longer be responding to those requests.

iPhone 5 Case – Sector 5 Development Update

Hello Element Case customers & fans!

The new Sector line has been in development for a long time, and the overwhelming response to the Sector 4 case has us really excited to bring you the Sector 5 for the iPhone 5. Here are the latest developments:

Friday –  We received our first iPhone 5 test phones and after evaluating it, I just want to say that this phone is amazing!

Saturday – We took our new iPhone 5s to our test facility in Santa Cruz, CA, along with our prototype Sector 5 case for in depth technical testing.

For the most part, the iPhone 5 is what we expected and our new design was (more…)

Element Case Sector – For iPhone 5

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UPDATE: Sector 5 Development Update from Element Case CEO


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Sector 5 Images and Information

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Sector 5 release update!


New Sector 4 Case launches!

Today we launched the ALL NEW case for iPhone that’s going to rock the iPhone world. It’s called the “Sector.” As expected, the Sector case will change the way you think of premium iPhone protection and style. Sign up above to get on the Sector iPhone case notification list and to reserve your Sector for iPhone 5. This is separate from our normal email list.

Check out Sector for iPhone 4/4s

All new Vapor COMP for iPhone 4 and 4S

Element Case Vapor COMP in Red
Element Case Vapor COMP in Red


The Vapor COMP is the newest edition to the Vapor family. The COMP features a high impact injection molded polycarbonate cap to prevent any loss in signal from the “Death Grip” problem. It features a CNC machined aluminum frame that has been precisely fine tuned to accommodate aftermarket peripherals and audio connectors. The aluminum frame is enhanced with a TPR elastomer rubber grip on the side of the case. This increases the feel and ergonomics of the Vapor COMP case.

See more info and purchase your case here…