Tactical Returns to the Vapor Pro and COMP Families


Vapor COMP aluminum bumper iPhone case - Desert Camo
Vapor COMP Tactical iPhone Case - Desert Camo

We’ve decided to attack the iPhone again with a small squad of Tactical Vapor Pro and COMP cases! Hitting on all fronts – Desert, Urban, Woods, and Arctic camo – the Element Case Tactical line provides protection like no other. Utilizing a proprietary graphic transfer process, the pattern is unique to each case so no two are alike, and each one has been individually serial numbered. Every Vapor Pro Tactical and Vapor COMP Tactical iPhone case comes complete with a full Transit Kit and two different color Ultrasuede back plates.

This is a limited production and these cases won’t last long, so catch ’em now before they leave for another tour of duty!

More Info:

The Tactical line is based on the two top tier Element Case models, Vapor Pro and Vapor COMP, featuring a CNC machined aluminum chassis combined with aerospace polymer components that provide lasting protection and unmatched durability for your iPhone. We achieve the non-glare, tactical finish, by utilizing a proprietary 5 step process for a look and feel that is unique to the Element Case Tactical Line.

Vapor Pro Tactical

Vapor COMP Tactical

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