Sector 5 Update – Top 5 iPhone 5 Case Frequently Asked Questions

Element Case Sector 5 aluminm case ships! Packaged and Ready to Go!

The release of the Element Case Sector 5 aluminum case for iPhone 5 is highly anticipated and we appreciate how patient you’ve been while we kick off production and start shipping the first orders. Even though there are images and information on the Sector 5 product page, we’ve seen that you still have a lot of questions about availability and details of our newest CNC aluminum iPhone 5 case. We’ve seen the questions in the comments on our blog, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages and wanted to get them together in one place so that you could see answers.

Top 5 Sector 5 FAQ

  • 5. When will the Sector 5 orders ship/be released/be available to those not on the list?

    When you get your invitation (which are going out faster all the time), it will have the estimated shipping date for your group. That date is not exactly the date that your order will go out, but the date for which we will start shipping cases from your group in the order in which they were received. We complete production on new inventory every day and if we run out on the first day, more orders will continue shipping the day after.

    Production is ramping up and we are able to produce more and more cases each day. Thanks for sticking with us, we’re able to send out more invitations to order for each group and yours will be coming very soon.

  • 4.  Is there going to be a Vapor Pro for iPhone 5?

    The Element Case Vapor Pro is an awesome iPhone 4 case, but now we’re talking about iPhone 5 and we’re always looking ahead so that we can bring you innovative, original products that you’ve never seen before anywhere else. We prefer to bring new ideas to the table for your iPhone 5 than to try to rehash and package old ideas, no matter how cool they remain. Sector 5 is here and it’s unlike any other case that has ever been on the market. If it’s not exactly what you want, sit tight – we’ve got more coming and it’s going to be a wild ride.

  • 3. What accessories will the Sector 5 First Edition come with?

    The Sector 5 First Edition is, like our Vapor Pro cases, a complete kit that covers all of the facets of protection that you need for your iPhone 5. Included in the kit are a Ultrasuede back plate, a Speed Wrench, screen protector and molded Transit Zipper Case.

  • 2. How much does the Sector 5 weigh?

    Almost nothing – it tips the scales at only 17 grams! It’s 2.66″ wide, 5.15″ long and .35″ deep, too!

  • 1. Can you tell me where my spot is in line?

    No, actually, that is pretty tough to predict at this point. Production is getting faster every day and we anticipate being able to increase the size of the order groups that we’re sending invitations to. We expect that in the next 3-4  weeks we will have sent everyone on the list an order invitation. There have been so many requests to check status that we would have to allocate one person to only check on those requests – we’re still a small company and we can’t afford to take any manpower away from building/processing/shipping the orders.

If you still have questions about the Element Case Sector 5 aluminum case for your iPhone 5, please make sure that you have looked at the Sector 5 product page or contact us at Customer Support.


Photo Credit: Adam Chow – Follow him on Instagram @adamchowchow

157 Replies to “Sector 5 Update – Top 5 iPhone 5 Case Frequently Asked Questions”

    • Thanks! Sorry, but the privacy of our customer’s information is important to us and we will not post or share any of their private info.

      • Maybe include:

        1) What number you are in the reservation list
        2) What the last number was that shipped
        3) An estimated ship date range

        In the confirmation email you get when you sign up to be on the waiting list?

        I don’t think any of us are asking Element Case to divulge any private information specifically. We are all curious about having a better idea (not an exact one) of how long it’s going to take to get access to purchasing a case.

        Just relying on an invitation email will make anyone paranoid about getting it lost by accidental spam sorting, incorrect email address user error, etc.

        • Your suggestions for #’s 1 & 2 really fall under our #1 question/answer. There isn’t an automated process that will help us to get that info for you and would take way too much time to try to manage the requests for that. In response to your suggestion for #3, when you get your turn to place your order you’re given an estimated shipping date.

  • I know that you guys at Element Case are very busy at this point, but can you guys confirm if I am even on the reserve list? From reading the comments, it seems like people were sent a “welcome” email once they reserved, but when I signed up a few weeks back I never received such an email. Thanks in advance!

    • There is not a welcome email sent when you get on the list – don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. Some of the earlier sign-ups received an email update before we went into production. If you signed up and were forwarded to the home page, then you are fine. You will get an obvious error if your registration does not go through.

  • since theres no planning on making the vapor pro or vapor comp available for the iphone 5. you think for the new upcoming designs, you guys will make the same epihany color that you had for those particular models? ive always wanted the eiphany color casing but told myself, ill buy one when i upgraded to the iphone5 but was kind of bummed that you guys wont be making any but looking forward to the new upcoming designs/colors that fits my needs.

  • I rented a 1940s movie studio it’s a huge space and it has a lot of props, I’m making the best Sector Case YouTube Video that a small time YouTuber with dreams is going to make. My name is Pablo Guzman Im from NJ and one day you will no me for doing big movie production and Im going to show you my skills the day I receive my Sector 5 case for review but it’s going to be a special video because my son passed a year ago and all he talk about is how he wanted to make great videos for ElementCase Products! I’m and I will be all I can be in my life for my Boy! I love You and miss you like crazy wish you was here with me but I no you will be always close to me! Sector 5 case review it’s coming soon People , subscribe like and stay tuned !

  • One big question that I have – I had just purchased the Vapor Dock a few months ago (what an awesome dock, by the way!!!), and I’m wondering if you plan to offer an insert for it that will make it compatible with the Lightning connector. I know we can buy the 30 pin to Lightning adapter from Apple, but an iPhone 5 with a Sector case will look pretty goofy sitting an inch above a Vapor Dock on white Apple adapter… (in my humble and unrequested opinion, anyway!)

    And I received my tracking info today, my Sector 5 has shipped – I’m stoked! Can’t wait to see how my black/slate iPhone 5 looks in it! Thanks for the fast service and all your hard work!

        • So the adapter will be an adapter that allows seamless use of the sector 5 in the vapor dock? When will this become available, and how much will it be? Also, will there be a separate dock designed specifically for the sector?

          • To answer the first question – yes. The other questions are a little farther ahead of the information that’s available at this time…. Sorry.

  • How many cases will be in the “First Edition” and is there a chance that those who signed up for pre order reservations won’t be able to get the FE version?

    • P.S. I signed up, but I never got a confirmation email or anything that I have signe up to preorder. Should I have received something? Also, my bday was this week and my fiancée is getting me the Sector 5. I really want the FE, and I’d wait until Christmas if I had to, but would like to know if it is possible to know how much longer I must wait.


  • I signed up for pre-order but until now no email. My friend who did not sign up but ordered via a shared link got his order shipped after he opted to cancel his no-invite order. Nice one EC. Some people here waited for their invite mail with shipping dates weeks away whilst those who does not queue get theirs on the first day. What a shame.

    • It certainly has been a challenge. There are people on both sides of the fence – complaining that we should let people transfer the link and those that are more strict about their place in line. We’re trying our best to do the right thing, but it sounds like one slipped through.

  • Could you please comment on how much, if any, signal loss a user can expect when using the sector 5

    Also, I’m concerned about fit and rattles…please comment about cushioning between the phone and the case.


      • I just read from a facebook post that the carbon fiber back creates “significant” lost in signal, and this is the one I was going to use. I also see that they are saying that the adhesive makes it very difficult to remove. Is this a glitch? I’m very concerned about the signal loss issue. They say that the suede back works fine but I don’t want to use that one.


        • We’re aware of what users are reporting and we’re working to test and try to duplicate the results. We’re not resting on our laurels – if there is an issue, we’ll have a resolution.

  • hey i just wanted to know if some of the other color options would be a stealth black, and if theres a chance that it will be released before the end of the year?

    • Other color options will be available, but the time frame on availability is not certain. Before Christmas is what we’re shooting for.

  • Will the Sector 5 interfere with signal on the iPhone 5? I’ve heard that’s a previous problem with metallic cases.

  • Just received my Sector 5. I spent a good amount of time making sure my phone was clean for the install, and I am very impressed with the rash guards – this will keep my iPhone looking brand new under the case! The case is incredibly light – and at first felt almost TOO light – but once it’s installed the whole thing feels perfect. I opted for the Ultra-Suede back, I used it on my Vapor Pro’s and it keeps my phone from sliding around when I set it suede-side-down in my vehicle. Overall – by far this is the best case of the four I’ve owned, and I’ll highly recommend it to anybody! Well done ElementCase, it was worth the wait!

  • Questions about Screen Protection:
    I have gone through several glass screens on my 3Gs so I have decided to invest in a quality case for the iPhone 5. Most cases seem to have a raised rim around the border of the front screen so that if it falls face down the raised rim of the case takes the impact and not the iPhone glass. The Sector 5 case appears to be flush with the front glass making me wonder how well it will protect the front glass (if at all) if the iPhone falls face down. Please explain how the Sector 5 addresses this issue.

    • The Sector 5 has a raised lip that prevents the front/back of the iPhone 5 from being flush with the case and provides lay-on-the-table protection.

  • I signed up for a pre-order a few weeks ago. And wasn’t sure if it was received cause I never got a confirmation. So I resent the pre-order again. So my question is. Will it reset to the last pre-order I sent?

  • one last question but I have yet to see a picture that ensures there is a lip on the front so that I can set it on a table and not have the front glass touch a table when I set it down. Can someone point me to an image of that? Every image I see doesn’t look like that’s the case.


  • I want to know if you sell Sector 5 Rash-Guards or will they be available in the future. I messed up the set you sent with my case and want to reinstall them. Believe me that is very easy to do, almost impossible to not do. Also if I want to remove the case for a while and want to reinstall how is that done?

  • Is the backplate a separate piece? Can we leave it off and use the case more like a bumper style. I want to be able to show off the back of the phone.

  • I inadvertently received my second invitation to order a Sector 5 today, 10 days after my first invitation (which was accepted with an order). I couldn’t help but notice that the price in the second offer is $144.95 versus the $159.95 of this initial offer (again, which I accepted). Why is this???? I’m sure others would be interested to know the reasons for this price difference as well.

      • For those of us who accepted the $159.95 offer last week, will we still get the carbon fiber when our orders ship? Will the carbon fiber (for the iPhone 5) be made available for purchase separately at some point?

        • No, but we’ll be giving you a refund for the difference and sending you an email with some more info. Keep an eye on your inbox. Thank you!

      • Thank you for your prompt response. I received notification from your customer service that I would be credited the difference as well as having the opportunity to purchase the carbon fiber back under a special promotion when it does become available.

  • Hi-

    I got my preorder last night and signed up immediately-with overnight shipping. It does however say Nov. 15 for ship date. My phone will be without a case for almost 2 months at this point.

    Historically, is there a chance this will ship sooner? My phone is getting beat up and I’m hoping to have a solution sooner than later.


    • There is a very slight chance that we could ship early since production is getting a little faster – no guarantees on that though…

  • So ready to get my e-mail so I can order……it’s been 3 weeks now. I’m anxious, and jealous of those that have theirs. Pictures on Mashable review make me want it more…… :o(

    • Tell me about it! I’ve been on the preorder list since 9/21 and have yet to get an invite to order. Hoping it comes very soon. A little discouraged because I was hoping I would be in the next round of invites and I noticed, according to the forums on macrumors, some people just got an invite in the past couple days. Someday, I guess…

  • since I don’t get the carbon fiber, I’m concerned about the ultrasuede. I set my phone down on my kitchen counter all the time while cooking. Is there any scotchguard or anything in there? What happens now if I get even a drop of oil on it, or something from a countertop at a restaurant?


    • Care and feeding is similar to any other synthetic suede – you can use a damp cloth to wipe most dirt or stains out of it (preferably off the phone), but oil or harsh chemicals may harm it.

  • I have heard that the Carbon Fiber back you sent has an adverse effect on reception. I have also heard you are refunding $15.00 for the faulty back and that you will make a new model available for that price. please provide me with that credit and let me know what has to be done from my side. I have not installed the back because I was aware of the issue. You have my order number let me know if anythiing else is needed.

    • Please contact Customer Support in order to take care of this. In fact, they are working right now to proactively to make the refunds and notify customers, but if you have any problems that you need to be resolved, contacting Customer Support is your best resource.

    • Edward, looks great! We’re all gearheads here at Element Case and we understand the desire to modify, tinker and make something totally custom!

      Just a note to anyone else thinking about doing this: Modifying your case like this DOES VOID YOUR WARRANTY. We now produce a silver (clear anodized) version of the Sector 5 with our matte Flux Finish. Edward’s Sector 5 appears to be polished and has a shiny surface. It will require additional polishing to keep it looking good and will not be as scratch resistant.

    • this is interesting that the finish was able to come off that easily. Is the black going to scratch and look bad after a few months?

      • Eh, I wouldn’t say that it came off easily. Removing an anodized coating usually involves quite a bit of sanding unless he used an abrasive buffing wheel. The downside to using any machinery is that it takes off material pretty quickly and tend to round the corners off.

        • Actually was more of a chemical process, so no metal actually came off.
          Google and you’ll find plenty of solutions to remove anodizing via Greased Lightning (household cleaner available at Home Depot or similar) or oven cleaner. I used the former, as it is much less aggressive.

          There is no abrasive process and no reshaping of the metal! That said, the factory anodizing should not scratch or come off easily so I would not worry about it. Had I known there was going to be a silver case released this soon, I might have waited, but I had no heads-up so I went with my own solution.

  • My current case has a thin inner rubber case which the carbon and aluminum hard case covers. This arrangement protects the back of the iPhone from scratches – even from the hard case – and offers some shock absorption as well. What does the Sector 5 do to (a) prevent any scratches to the iPhone’s back from the case itself, and (b) deal with shock absorption issues?

    • The Sector 5 has padding on the inside to offer shock absorption and we include an adhesive back plate to protect the back of the phone.

  • Are you planning on a matching Dock for the Sector 5 FE? You mentioned that accessories will be available and you will be making a collet for the docks? Could you give me a time frame. I need a Dock.



  • Here is my question, because I really love the carbon fiber. Are you redesigning the CF backplate or scrapping it all together? And by redesigning, I mean something simple like smoke plastic to cover the glass back of the iphone with the rest being CF.

    Thanks! Hoping I get my order invite very soon. Not sure I can wait much longer. Been on the preorder list since 9/21.

      • if the new design is coming soon, can I have it included with my Nov. 15 ship date? Let me know so I can pay the extra $$ to get that worked out.


        • Customer Support will be sending out an email with details. In short, when it’s available you’ll be able to order it at a discount since it wasn’t included in your original order.

  • ECadmin, you have created a beautiful, industrial-looking case; I’m curious if you have plans to produce the Sector 5 in a black anodized finish?

    • We just did… 😀

      The current batch of pre-order invitations that went out included the option of ordering the Sector 5 First Edition Graphite Grey and the Sector 5 Standard Edition in either black or silver.

  • I see the price of the Sector 5 has dropped on the site to $144.95 from the $159.95 original price. How does this affect people who have preordered but not received their case yet – will there be a rebate or account credit?

    Also, does the black Sector 5 (now available) also come with the carbon fiber and ultrasuede backplates, the same as the FE?

    • Yes, there will be a credit coming back to you. Carbon fiber is no longer included with the cases and is the reason for the price reduction. We’re working on a new back plate design using carbon and you will get an opportunity to order it at the same price as it would have been if it was originally bundled with your order ($15).

  • I got my invitation a few weeks ago for the FE. I opted not to order it because I was not a fan of the color. I am interested in buying the silver SE. Is there any way to get that invitation to carry over for the SE? Or do I have to wait for another invitation?

  • Got my email today — yay! Just trying to decide on gray or black and wanted to consider backplate options first if possible. Since the carbon fiber backplate is currently off the table, are there any other options forthcoming (besides the ultrasuede), such as leather or the 1911? If so, what ball park timeframe are you thinking — weeks or months?

    • There will, of course, be more options for back plates in the future, but probably won’t be until after December or the first of the year.

  • Hey! Hey! It’s November 1st! Hope mine ships today! Hey! Will it ship? Today? November 1st? Hey! Hey! [checks order status] November 1st! Hey! [checks again] ARGH WAITING

  • Is the opening on the bottom of the case big enough to fit the 30-pin to lightning adapter? Thats the problem I’m running into right now with iPhone 5 cases. The opening is only big enough to fit the lightning cord but not big enough to fit the adapter.

  • Question: For the Sector 5 Standard Edition, Is the silver also a “flux” finish? I guess what I really want to know is if it looks like it’s silver painted, or does it have that brushed metal look like the Vapor?

    • Yes, all of the colors currently offered for the Sector 5 are Flux Finish. None of the finishes are “painted” on, but they are not glossy like the finish on the original Vapor 4 iPhone case. Flux Finish has a matte texture.

  • is it possible for me to NOT receive the suede back covering when delivery is being shipped and get refunded some points back into my account because from the first look at the sector 5, it did come with Carbon fiber back now its suede, I wont be using it and it would be a waste for it to be lying around.

    • The Sector 5 originally came with both back plates, but we have stopped shipping the carbon for the time being. Sorry, you cannot order the Sector 5 iPhone case without a back plate at all.

      • You say you’ve stopped shipping the carbon fiber back “for the time being”… is it safe to say the carbon fiber back plate will be available at a later date? If so, how does that affect those of us who wanted the First Edition because of the carbon fiber back plate? Will we be able to get it later on? That carbon fiber back plate was a big selling point for me, at least and now I cant get it even though I’ve been registered and looking forward to the First Edition!

        • You ordered the Sector 5 in black (not the FE) and since it was not offered with the carbon fiber, it was sold at a reduced price. The carbon will be available at a later date.

          • Correct, ecadmin… I got the black because the carbon fiber was not available. I’m not gonna pay for FE if I cant get the carbon fiber back plate that attracted me to element case. If the carbon will be available later, I’ll likely be back shopping your site!

    • so basically its false/bad advertising…….. so some people may still be happy with the case, but without the carbon fiber one, dont mean to sound like im putting you guys down, but it just seems like when orders are sent out who people desperately wanted it, you just stopped the cf and put in suede?

      • The Ultrasuede was always included – we didn’t replace the carbon fiber with it. Customers that ordered the case with carbon fiber got a refund for the difference and a coupon code so that they can order the new carbon fiber when it becomes available. It will be available to them at the same bundled price and we’re picking up shipping. We working to ensure our customers satisfaction and would never try to bait/switch a customer.

  • You took my money, Hallelujah!

    Now hurry up and wait for another month, I’ll survive, I’ll survive…

    Great work guys and gals.

  • Just received my Sector 5 FE case. It is great! Packaging was good. The gunmetal finish really looks nice. Rash guard was easy to install. The fit is right on. No evidence of glue or any other early concerns. Everything I hoped for when I ordered it. I have read concerns from others that the case has “sharp” edges. I would not call the frame sharp to the touch. Some of the skeleton is milled thin to maintain the open appearance which may give the impression of “sharp” but the edges are finely rounded and do not feel uncomfortable to me. Thanks to the folks at Element for another great case.

  • I realy want to get the Sector 5 … when I get the email of
    But I have never been able to enjoy covers do to the fact I use a Leather belt holster and the Iphone 5 by it self is a snug fit. So do you guys know of a lether holster that will fit with the Sector installed?

      • I ordered a very nice one from sfbags: as a trial. My Sector 5 is scheduled to ship during the November 8th run. As soon as I receive the Sector 5, I’ll be able to determine definitively whether this “holster” works or not. I have the smart case currently that is built for the “naked” iPhone 5 (versus one with a bumper) and it is exquisite in its craftsmanship and functionality. I’m hoping for the best. I’ll follow up when I receive my Sector 5.

        • I just received my Sector 5 FE case today. I’m happy to report it fits perfectly in the SFbags Smart Case for the iPhone 5 (with bumper).

  • When I click “check out now” in my email it says no items in cart on the opened link. Please advise on what to do.

    • “Check out now” in your email? It should take you to the site where you can place your order. You need to hit the button on the site to add the product to your cart.

  • Got my invitation order form this morning. Made my order, paid my order, now I await the arrival. Kind of feel like a kid at Christmas this fine morning lol. Must say I have not been this excited in a long while.

  • Hi EC i just got my invi. Stoked! But recently i saw a utube review for the sector 5 and it didnt come with a metal screw key. It came with a plastic one. I’m really liked the idea of having a metal screw key Which I could use as a key chain. The extra attention to detail was what drew me to your cases. Are the metal screw keys for sale? And do they fit the sector 5?

      • Yeah, I put the new black screws in my old Vapor Pro R8 speed wrench and left the plastic one with the old screws in the box as a backup. I gotta say, having it on my keychain is handy. I only actually used it to take the case off of my 4 once (to put it on the 4S), but I’ve used it many times to cut tape and open letters and other small items! The plastic one has a key ring too, by the way, if that’s your only concern. The only other difference is that it doesn’t have the spaces for the two spare screws, but I’ve never had an issue where a screw came out of an EC or any issues at all for that matter, so that’s not as big a deal as you’d think. These things are very well built, if this is your first EC, you’ll understand when you get it 🙂 The plastic speed wrench is still detailed, with a satisfying (and so far, sturdy) snap-in snap-out action instead of screwing it in and out like the old one. It’s embossed with Element Case on the sides as well; actually looks cooler than the old one in my opinion, but I’ll keep both on my keys 🙂

  • I got E-mail for Sector 5!! I felt lucky!!! it says

    “We are very excited to announce the Sector 5 Standard Edition in two new colors and a lower price! These are offered in addition to our Sector 5 First Edition.”

    I am just wondering what is standard edition and first edition.. do you have two different models for sector 5

    • The First Edition is just that: It was the first release and will be limited. It also has a First Edition logo laser engraved on the inside.

        • They are there…. On the web page that you are linked to on the invitation, there is a drop down menu where you select the color.

  • Just received an e-mail today, stating that I could order the Sector 5. When I tried to order, I got a message that said it was “sold out.” I got this message after trying to order each color. What’s going on?

    • It sounds like the allocated inventory sold out before you got to the web site. But, since you’re on the list we definitely can put together an order for you. Please contact Customer Support and someone will help you out. Thanks!

  • I got your invitation, but the website wont place
    the Item in my shopping cart.
    I want the Silver version. Also Interested in the
    Vapor pro silver speedwrench.
    Please advise

    • It sounds like the allocated inventory sold out before you got to the web site. But, since you’re on the list we definitely can put together an order for you. Please contact Customer Support and someone will help you out.They can also add the Speed Wrench to your order. Thanks!

  • O got my invitation today, but when I tried to place the order is says that you are out of stock on all of them. What do I do?

  • Hi,

    I just receive an email saying to review my purchase, but I have not received anything yet. Did my order ship? I didn’t get a tracking number.


    • That request to review your order is sent out automatically by our website. Your order has not shipped yet, but you will get an email with the tracking number as soon as it it leaves our facility.

  • Just got my Sector 5 and it looks great! There’s a reason I’m a long time EC customer, and cases like this are it! Not sure if I would have liked the black better, but it wasn’t available when I ordered. I’m hesitant to use my brother’s pre-order to get the black one and give him my FE for his white phone since this looks so awesome already… Tough call… Excellent job guys!

  • I recently received my invitation to per order my sector 5 and when I went to the order page all three color options were sold out. How can I place my order?

  • I can’t find any pictures For the sector 5 in silver.
    Nor can i find any detail about it.
    Wondering if the back plate ultrasuade comes in white.

  • Hi Ecadmin, im already ordered my case at 7 november, in the mail is written that my order is not being shipped until 26 of november. Does that mean is being shipped at de 26 th??
    And do i also get a trackingnumber ?
    Thank you !

    • The orders from the your invitation batch will start shipping on November 26th and, yes, a FedEx tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as your order leaves our facility.

    • We emailed you an order invitation back on 10/16 and, according to our records, it looks like you opened and clicked a link in the email. How come you didn’t place your order?

  • Hey Element Guys and Girls, well done on the Sector 5 ! received yesterday and fits like a glove round my iphone 5, sweet. Can you please give an update on an adapter to allow use with the lightning adapter and sector 5…. this issue really effects the use of case in car or on music dock… an adapter for the adapter is sorely needed.


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