Sector 5 Update – iPhone 5 Case Production and Image Update

Pre-Production Sector 5 iPhone 5 case photos

In our last Sector 5 iPhone case update, we showed you prototype CAD renderings after we made design changes prompted by getting the actual iPhone 5 into our hands. After finishing and testing the updated prototypes, our shop went to work getting ready for production manufacturing. Machining aluminum parts for production is different than creating a prototype because things like CNC tool path efficiency and material fixturing have to be considered in order to maximize production volume while minimizing machine time. The methodology for this varies with each machine shop and the CNC machines that they use. While it may sound completely mechanical, high end machining like this is as much art as it is science and our shop is top notch.

We have now gone into production just six days after our last prototype was completed! Next week, we hope to have the first ordering group’s production units completed and off to anodizing with the second group’s orders well under way.

Above is an image of a pre-production unit just after coming back from our anodizing shop so that we could do a final evaluation of the new “Graphite Grey” which is a special color for the Sector 5 FE (First Edition).

Reserve your spot in line to pre-order the Sector 5


NOTE: The reservation list is long and we’re working as quickly as we can to make as many as possible while still meeting or exceeding our standards of quality. As we ramp up production, we will be able to increase the size of each pre-order group. Sorry, but we’re getting way too many requests to find out where people are in the list and we will no longer be responding to those requests.

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  • How do both colors look on a white iphone 5? All pictures posted so far are showcasing black iphone. Anyway, can’t wait to get one!

  • Just to confirm there won’t be a screen protector included in the case, however the back is covered and built in?

  • Your cases transform the iPhone into a device with its own individuality when their respective owners want to be notice differently from the ( I )others. Will look forward to being one of these individuals that transform my iPhone into a distinctive device for others to envy. One improvement I will like to see in this new case from other element case products is to chamfer sharp corners that come in contact with the iPhone aluminum exterior in any way. Thank you Element case team for great premium products that set the standards.

  • This new case seems pretty flush with the glass. Will it not provide any protection from scratches? Especially since I prefer to leave my phone face down.

  • If the phone is placed faced down, is there a lip around the edges to keep the screen from touching the surface? It’s hard to tell in the pictures. Thanks!

  • Are you planning to make the Sector 5 in customizable colors like the Vapor Pro??

    If so are you planning to sell individual parts to upgrade the Sector 5?

  • Will the back or front of the Iphone be flushed with the Sector 5? I.e laying it on the table will the back or front Iphone be in contact with the table top or “set-in”? I assume that I can choose not to adhere the back plates. Thanks

  • How much longer will regular email pre orders have to wait compared to your long time supporters?

    You guys make fantastic products.

    • What i would suggest is to get the .2 meter 30pin to lightning “cable.” Even though it is 10$ more, it will absolutely fit, so i wouldn’t worry if you get one of these off of apple’s site.

  • This question about the overlap on the front, or lack of one, has been asked many times but not answered. Many people put their iphone face down and a slight overlap on the front protects the screen against drops on its face. So will you please answer the question? I am assuming that the answer is that there is no overlap, as the questions is being avoided.

  • what email will the notifications be coming from? I see something in my search about “no reply” from element, but it’s not in my emails anywhere. I do want to place my order.


    • You signed up pretty recently and there are quite a few people ahead of you. Please bear with us, an invitation will come eventually and we appreciate your patience.

  • now that the prototype is done, are you able to tell us the weight of it? can’t wait til it arrives! great design job!

    • I don’t have one readily available to weigh for you, but it’s right around the same weight as (or maybe even lighter than) a Vapor Pro (22 grams).

  • I would like to have it in mat black.
    Does the first ordering group all received their ordering email? That means I am not one of them………….

  • How many people have already signed up for preorders? I would love to know since it will already take quite a long time to get one…

    • You’ve only been signed up for four days, there are quite a few people ahead of you. Please be patient, we’re making them as fast as we can.

    • It’s hard to say, but we’re bringing more production on line as fast as we can and increasing the number of units that we can make. This means that we can increase the size of the groups that we send pre-order invitations to. You are probably a few weeks away.

  • Do you plan on making the Vapor Pro for the iPhone 5? HTe sector looks cool, but I know there are a few of us that prefer more rounded edges.

  • Can we special order a Sector 4 in Nickel or have it “NON FLUXED” so I can get it dipped? Will there be more colors for the Sector 4?

  • I thought I got on the pre-order list pretty early, but I cannot find an email indicating I am on the pre-order list. Is there a way to know for sure if I am actually on the list?

  • Great job with the engineering on this one guys, I can see a lot of work went into it! I think I signed up relatively early, so I’m hoping to hear from you guys sometime soon.

  • Hy! I’m a costumer from Italy , I’ve already signed up for the preorder around 20 days ago, I would like to know if you can ship the product to Italy?
    Does the case come whit black suede sticker for front and back.? Like the vapor pro ?

    • Yes, our international shipping is a flat $30 fee for FedEx priority overnight service. The Sector 5 comes with two back plates – one black Ultrasuede and one carbon fiber. It does not come with Ultrasuede for the front.

  • Will there be a vapor-style dock released for the sector any time soon? Also, is there anywhere to check my “place in line” for the preorders?

    • As long as your screen protector only sticks to the front and does not wrap around the sides, you should have no problem using those two products together.

  • Many thanks for the updates. I signed up I think about 3-4 days after launch. I’ve had my phone since launch day but it’s still in the box awaiting an element case. I’m using my 4S with a custom vapor comp for now.
    I’m sure you mentioned that loyal customers would receive preference. Like many this will not be my first element case ( I have had 3 and a vapor dock).
    I guess I’m still on the waiting list and do previous purchases help in shortening the waiting time??

  • Is the Sector 5 just decorative sides and back or does it have protection for ports, buttons and screen? It would be nice to have a sealed to semi-sealed case that looks like the Sector, but protects the entire phone and has a glass screen protector. In terms of cases the Sector is the nicest looking but most limited.

  • I’m hoping to be one of the first in Scotland (UK) to get my hands on one of these beauties!!! I wished I had heard about them earlier so that I could have been further up the pre-order line for receiving one………

  • Congratulation on a fantastic turnaround time. Engineering such a precise piece of kit and go into volume production in such short time scale is remarkable.

    Also, for those of you waiting, be patient the offer to order will come.
    I had mine 2 days ago and placed my order, which (sorry Gavin), might be one of the first to come to UK πŸ™‚ [may be the first ?]

    I am looking forward to receiving this fantastic case.

    Well done again.

  • Wow!! Some people display such impatience; this is a beautiful work of art and I can’t wait to wrap my iPhone in it. Perfection takes time, though; I simply ask to not be forgotten:)

  • Element case! Looks amazing. I own a vapor pro on my old iPhone 4S and that thing isn amazing. I was the 10 person nation wide to preorder iPhone 5. Need an awesome case to show it off. Thanks element case for making it in the USA. I try to only buy USA products when I can so thanks again.

  • Do you have a weight for these yet?
    I seem to remember reading 22g somewhere, but that was preliminary.
    Are the cases shipping, and if so, could you weigh one for us?

  • Hello ladies in here… ehehmmm… Just FYI … I got mine ordered!!!!!!! Dont hate me… see ya around ladies… will ship out Nov 1… Yes, thank you , thank you….

  • I dropped my 5 to day πŸ™ it’s now got a slight chip by the volume buttons πŸ™ I’m very sad …
    Do u think I will get a case before I destroy it ?
    Please make it soon xxxx

  • In looking over your Q&A section regarding the Sector 5 iPhone 5 Case, I see that the new case will include two adhesive backs. Are these backs attached to the Sector 5 Case or the back of the iPhone itself. Can I elect not to install the adhesive backs? What specific material secures the iPhone in the Sector 5 Case. Please confirm.

    • The two adhesive backs are one Ultrasuede and one carbon fiber. They are totally optional, you don’t have to use them with the case. If you do elect to try them, you can take them off and, as long as you keep the adhesive clean, reinstall it at a later date. The adhesive is a lot like a stickier version of a post-it note.

  • Hi, Still waiting.
    Could you be more specific on how the back of the case is integrated. Looking forward to getting an email. Originally found you guys on the VZ Grips site

  • They are coming! Got my email yesterday and ordered right away! Was signed up since mid September, so be patient! My batch begins shipping on November 1st! Can’t wait!

  • Can you post what email address will send out the invitations so I can add it to my “trusted” addresses. I have a ton of emails filtered (several hundred a day). I don’t want to miss the invitation. I signed up the day they started preorder sales of the 5. I have no clue how many are ahead of me.

  • Please, please, don’t tell me your not going to consider making a Vapor Pro style case for the iPhone5! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Sector 5 styling, it’s awesome and I’ve already ordered one. But I also love the Vapor Pro styling and have come to really appreciate it’s beauty and form factor. I have several, including Comps, and a Formula. There has to be a way the engineers can apply the design of the Vapor Pro with it’s smooth rounded edges to the iPhone 5, maybe even call it the Vapor Max or something of the sort. Your products are truly the best around. Made in the USA.

  • Good Morning!

    It’s so hard being patient! Both my husband and I signed up for our place in line (hoping that we are there!). Love the design of the Sector!

    I know that you have mentioned that there will eventually be colors…how far after the FE rollout will this take place? We will likely buy both!

    • That’s hard to tell at this point. We need to get through shipping out the product to a significant number of customers before we could estimate that.

  • I personally like the pro line better! I hoping for more colors, specialy the nickel Finnish! I won’t buy the one shown. Love element! And trying to be patient lol !

  • Yikes….the pics…..not buying this one. I will check back in 6 months, see if maybe one of those Vapor Pro’s is ready to ship. Thanks guys for trying to make the best cases. They are good. The style aspect is waning though. See ya mid 2013 for a VP aluminum only case, hopefully you can pullo ne out and never send it to that darned anodizing temp color process.

  • I am on the “preorder” list for Sector 5 case, and can not wait. I am, however, a little disappointed that there are no plans for a Vapor Pro for iphone 5. The sector case is beautiful, but a little too “machine like” for my taste, if that makes sense. There is something smoother and and more elegant about the Vapor Pro, and the wood pairing option softened it up just enough; the Nickel case with wood inlay is truly a masterpiece of form and function. I hope Element will design a similar case for iphone 5, but in the meantime, I will be pleased when my Sector 5 finally arrives. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • My upgrade to the iPhone 5 isn’t until mid Dec, but I want to make sure I have a case straight out of the box (I love my vapor comp) Not asking for promises, but, how likely is it that there will be some colors by then? And… if I sign up now, will that help me when the colors come out? I really don’t want the grey…

    • Signing up now puts you in line for the Sector 5 First Edition. Colors will come eventually, but it will depend on fulfillment of the First Edition orders first.

  • I was always into these cases but I told myself that I’d wait till the new iPhone 5 came out to purchase one. But I was really into the vapor comp/vapor comp pro cases in the epiphany color. You think you guys will be making those models for the iPhone 5 or something similar like with the same color casing?! Please let me know. I’d like to purchase one.. Mahalo!

  • When I put my name and email in the reservation form and hit the button it returns me to the main page….is it suppose to do that? I really would like to get in line. Anyone?

  • Every day with sleepy eves , I open my email for a surprise
    But alas like every day, my element case ain’t on its way πŸ™

    • No, we do extensive testing and design to prevent signal interference. Element Case is not another Me-Too company that spits aluminum cases out of a CNC machine overseas that are loosely based on some other company’s products. We really are the original innovators of aluminum mobile device cases.

  • Hey guys, it took a while but I finally got my invite. Can’t wait for this to be released. Is the case as flushed to the screen as it is in the picture?

    • No, in the shot that shows the case from the side, you can more clearly see the slight lip protruding in front of the screen of the case. The Sector 5 DOES provide lay-on-the-table protection.

  • Got my iPhone 5 on 10/13. Stoked about the Sector case for it, even though mine doesn’t ship until 11/1. Can’t wait to see what other sick designs you have down the pipe for the iPhone 5. My iPhone 5 came a bit early from what I was previously told by Apple. Any chance that could be the case with the Sector or 11/1 is the firm ship date? Also, I just saw where I have reward points to use and my debit card has already been charged. Is it too late to use it on this previous order or get a refund back or I have to wait to use it on future orders? Thanks and keep up the awesome work..!!!

    • With acceleration in production, there is a chance but we like to try to set a reasonable expectation with the ETA that we give you. We prefer to under promise and over deliver.

  • Finally I can sleep in peace! Got the email today and ordered it immediately. Now I know when I should be getting it. Thank you Element Case for creating such a great and beautiful case!

  • Is there any news on if the Sector 5 is indeed shipping this week? Will there be an email sent out to the lucky first group or is the only notice going to be a shipping notice?

    • We’ve already sent out order invitations to several groups and we’re sending more ever week (or less). Production is ramping up and the order groups will get bigger. Sit tight, it’s coming!

      • I have already ordered mine a couple of weeks ago so no longer waiting on an invitation. I’m more concerned if mine will ship out this week or not. I have no idea which group I’m in and am just looking for an aproximate ship date.

          • No, we’re verifying that all orders have an email address that is on the invite list for each ordering group. If you managed to order a case and you’re not on the list, your order gets put on hold and you will be contacted for verification.

    • hi Lain, i put my name down a week or so ago and have not had the invite to order yet. just interested to know when you signed up for the invite so i can start guessing on timing of my email invite to order the case πŸ™‚

  • Got my order in today! Awesome. Like Apple, I bet Element Case delivers early for that extra pizzazz to satisfy a customer. I have always ordered Apple products directly from their site, even my phones, and they set a delivery date and it always comes a few days early. Nice touch in company model.

  • i would love one in white for my iphone5 i own the vapor pro please let me know when the item is ready please

  • I ordered my case on Oct. 1st, I guess It’s the first batch (shipping oct.18) anyways, what does your order say? Mine still says processing.. 2 more days and I hope my status changes and I hope I get a tracking #. I own 3 element products and I can’t wait to receive it, love elements designs!

  • Will the iPhone 5 case fit the apple made “Lightning to 30-pin Adapter” ?
    From the pictures shown, it won’t . The adapter is as wide as the original 30 pin unit and
    extends outward across each speaker grill on the left and on the right. Your unit shows vertical bars separating the speaker grills meaning we can only use the adapter if we first remove the case. Has your design changed since the pics were made?

  • November? Is… is that you November? Where are you? Are you there? Big things happening in November. Hello? Come back COME BACK NOVEMBER

  • Got an email for the vapor pro and not to order the case. Just wanted to make sure the invitation email is straight forward and it wasn’t embedded within the email I got. Re checked it to make sure and I disnt see anything. Sorry just trying to be patient to order this beautiful case. Thanks

    • Because compared to everyone else, 3 weeks isn’t that long ago… Your turn will be coming soon – we appreciate your patience.

  • Sorry to ask so many questions, will I be able to order within the week and also can I use a different address as the payment address? Thank you

    • It’s best if you don’t use a different email address to order than the one that you’re signed up with. Your email address is the only thing that we have that can authenticate who you are and it will delay the processing of your order if we have to reach out to you in order to verify you order.

      For those that order when they are not supposed to, order invitations are not transferable and though the system charges your credit card immediately upon ordering, your order will either be refunded or held and pushed to the back of the line.

  • With the link system on the Sector 5, how will it secure down tightly? Just wondering, and will all the links be interchangeable with different colors when and if, they become available?

  • Please tell me that the date on my order confirmation is correct and that my long awaited case is actually shipping on Oct 18th!!!??? My phone’s been naked for quite awhile now and I’m scared that I’m gonna drop it!! SO EXCITED!!

  • Hey Ecadmin,

    A lot of people use “vinyl wraps” to accentuate colors with the cases. If you google image “lucky labs spectre wraps” and “element case” together you will see some examples.

    Also, What kind of back plates come with the Sector 5? Is it the fuzzy kind or the carbon fiber kind. And what color are they?

  • I know I said I’m patiently waiting already… Just having a slight anxiety attack! Nothing that a invitation wouldn’t cure… wink!

  • Hope to get your pre-order email soon. I signed up for nearly a month but no replies yet πŸ™ I’ve already seen people whom signed up during the mid sept ordered theirs. When will it ever be my turn :(?

  • I just got mine today, and it is everything I hoped for.
    It is sweet! you guys are going to love it.
    Thank you Element case

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