Sector 5 Pre-Order List Now Closed

Element Case Sector 5 First Edition

Ok, we’ve got some good news and some bad news:

First, the bad news: We have now closed the Sector 5 Pre-Order Reservation list sign-up and we are no longer accepting new entries. Element Case would like to thank everyone that has signed up and patiently waited to receive a pre-order invitation. If you are on the list and have not yet received an email from us inviting you to order, don’t worry because it is still coming. We have just shut down the list so that it will not get any bigger and you will still have an opportunity to order a Sector 5 First Edition or your choice of the available Sector 5 Standard Edition cases.

…And the good news is that Sector 5 Standard Edition will be available to the public without a pre-order reservation starting on Monday, November 19th! We’ll post more news about the release here or visit the Sector 5 product page on that day to get your own!

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  • Hello,

    I have been trying to add comments to the blog to express my concerns of not receiving any emails on my pre-order. All I get is ‘awaiting moderator’. I signed-up for the pre-order the 3rd week of September and/or 1st week in October with no luck. Then, registered to the site this month, hoping to get some response. Please advise.

  • Glad production has been getting better and better for you guys!

    Any updates you can share yet for in regards to the carbon fiber back plate being redesigned?

  • Man, I waited a month for my invite to order which was last week. I have to wait until the 26th for it to ship. Should I have waited to order???

  • Hey Guys,
    I received my Sector 5 in the mail and man oh man, it is everything you guys said it would be plus it looks great on the White IPhone 5. A little hint – I’m betting the white carbon fiber back plate is going to make it bad to the bone, any projections on time frame before it will be available?
    Anyways, pat those designers on the back because they did a hell of job when they pulled the Sector 5 off the drawing board and put it into production, “SWEET”!!! Now I’m ready for some cool accessories, no pressure, but I’m ready to lay down some cash to make COOL into COOLEST!!
    V/R. Tom Brisse

  • So I waited for a pre-order reservation list, finally got one on Nov 8, tried to purchase yet everything was “sold out,” followed the instructions on the comment list to “just contact customer service” and despite your “attempt to answer within 24 hrs” its been 45 hrs and no one has gotten back to me.

    But now I can just buy it with everyone else in a week? Not the best customer experience by a longshot.

    • Sorry, someone will be getting to you soon. As published on our website, the business hours for Customer Support are 9am-5pm Pacific time, Mon-Fri. The delay in response was due to your ticket being submitted over the weekend.

    • The Sector 5 accommodates the 8 pin cable that comes with the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, Apple made the connector for the 8 pin to 30 pin cable larger.

    • The First Edition is Graphite Grey with black corner links and has a First Edition logo laser engraved on the inside of the case. The Standard Edition cases are either black or silver (so far), but do not have the First Edition logo on the inside.

    • I purchased a new case on the invite and was led to believe that no matter what color I chose, it was a “first edition”. Yet, when I received it “the first edition” logo was not engraved on my black case. The order stated and the packing states “Sector 5 First Edition iPhone 5 Case”. So why didn’t my case have the engraved logo if it indeed was a First Edition?

      • Sorry for the confusion, only the Graphite Grey was actually a First Edition Case. On the webpage from which you ordered, it stated that the Black and Silver cases were “Standard Edition.”

    • It was only available to those that signed up on the pre-order reservation list. It will cease to be available once the Sector 5 moves into public release.

  • Yeah so my case was suppose to ship today and I got overnight express shipping. But I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation email from either Element Case or Fedex. WTF. If i don’t see my case tomorrow, I’m going to be super mad. I’m hoping I will still get it in the mail tomorrow and Element Case just forgot to email me. Fingers Crossed. Super Excited.

  • Hi, I had just received an email from you guys stating that you are holding my order for a slector 5 FE gray, it’s not allowing me to complete the order for the case that I selected with the discount. can you please advise.

  • what time to the shipment notifications go out? I emailed support yesterday and they said mine would ship today? I didn’t get shipping notification and I’m in need of getting protection on my phone.

        • It’s only 2:30pm here and FedEx doesn’t come until about 4pm. Shipping notifications get emailed when the packages leave the building.

          • ah… for some reason I thought you were on the East Coast. I’ll keep an eye out… hopefully getting this before the weekend. I’ll have to review my shipping but I’m pretty sure it’s overnight.

            I also got my Spigen glass today and waiting to make sure it all fits.


  • Will you please post here when the carbon fiber backplate is available separately for Sector 5? I’ve been watching daily but have not seen an update and I wanted/expected it with my First Edition so anxious to order.

  • On 8/11/12 I recvd am email that says “f you have received this email, you are a valued Element Case customer who has a new Sector 5 case reserved just for you.” Tried to place my order but regardless of my color selection, I got a “Sorry, the following item is currently out of stock: Sector 5 First Edition iPhone 5 Case” message.

    I got a ‘last chance’ message yesterday to order my case…same “Sorry, the following item is currently out of stock: Sector 5 First Edition iPhone 5 Case” message.

    I tried to call your CS number but I needed an order number, which I didn’t have because the following item is currently out of stock: Sector 5 First Edition iPhone 5 Case

    I want a case, I really do.
    How do I work myself out of this vicious circle?

  • Hi. My name is joe I sign u for the per-order for your cases. Any way I got a email from u, but I can’t order your cases. So get back with my soon please. Just tell me yes or no that I can’t order your cases. I will move on and get some other cases. Thank

  • I just received the Sector 5 First Edition case, and the Apple ‘Lightning to 30-pin Adapter’ &
    ‘Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (0.2 m)’ unable connect to the socket of the iPhone5, but the ‘Lightning to Micro USB Adapter’ is no problems,

  • The webpage said that the case wont be ship until the 26 of November. Does that mean that i still have to add the 2 more days for the processing to my order ? I purchased the sector 5, and i choose the overnight shipping.

    • It depends on the color and where your order fell into in the batch of orders for that group. It could very well ship on the 26th. Thanks for your order!

  • Hello Vapor.
    Love your cases. Will you make the Vapor Pro Element case Nickel for the iPhone 5?
    And, most important for me, will you, or a retailer, shipp for Denmark?

    Many regards
    Soeren Jansby

  • Hello, couple of questions. I was on waiting list before the sector 5 FE cut off. Tried to order, couldn’t. Then got to order right after cut off, but i the ordered graphite case. 1) am I going to get it? I ask because Im reading the info and I seeing u can’t get the graphite case after preorder. Is this true? 2) I need to change my delivery location. I see that it’s not delivering until 11/29 BUT my delivery info SAYs I can’t change the order because its been shipped! Can you tell me the straight info and add suite 100 to the delivery address? Also my tracking info is not available. Love the product! Web site needs help, especially for mobile. Thanks

  • Ok so I ordered the Sector 5 first edition, but the rash guards for the first edition are not as good and the rash guards 2 so will you be sending the rash guards 2 for those with the fe edition that want it?

  • hi! i signed up and i got no email from you guys.. i wanted to get the Sector 5 First Edition.. what is the diff between the Sector 5 First Edition vs the standard edition?

    • We emailed you twice about ordering the Sector 5 on 11/13 and 11/15. It looks like you opened and clicked a link in the email from the 13th.

  • Baawww, haven’t received my FE yet and you come out with the black ops? Lol jelly right now of all who waited to see what next cool item you would come out with lol.

  • Two questions. I placed an order for a silver case which I would like to switch to black.

    1. Would I be able to switch this?
    2. Would this take me out of line and put me to the back?


  • i just ordered the gunmetal sector 5 friday and i jsut saw that you are releasing the black ops edition. i still want my gunmetal sectore 5 but i was wondering if i could get the gold Polymer RF bridge inserts thats included in the black ops edition in addition to or as a replacement part.

  • Hi,
    I’m having the same peoblem of I received an email about my pre order and all I get is ‘awaiting moderator’. I signed-up for the pre-order A long time ago an I just need some advise.

    • Unfortunately, it looks like you unsubscribed from our email service on 10/2/12 and that prevented us from being able to send you an invitation.

        • We sent you an email about saving 30% on ION 4 iPhone cases and you clicked the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. According to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, once you tell our system that you don’t want to receive a marketing email from us, we have to cease sending them to you. That includes mailing you a notice that you are able to come and order something from us. If you order and we send you a receipt, that’s different.

  • I am looking to buying this case. All I read is Pre-orders closed and orders are being taken as of 11/19 but where is the buy button?

  • Hello from Germany,
    I’ve ordered my Sector 5 FE via one of your international retailer. Unfortunately there’s absolutely no information about the status available.
    Can you give me some info’s?
    Klaus Voelker

    • Sorry, we don’t have information about shipping ETA’s from our retailers. They could will be able to give you the best information.

  • Now that I have had my Sector 5 case for awhile I am anxious to start seeing the new and many accessories you described earlier. Like back covers and new colored plastic corner frame pieces to change things up. Is this on the schedule, when should we start seeing these new optional accessories? BTW I have experienced no rash on my iPhone 5 from the case without the rash guards.

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