Sector 5 Begins Shipping Today!

On September 21st, less than 4 weeks ago, Apple released the long awaited iPhone 5.

In the short time since, we’ve tested our prototype Sector 5, redesigned it to optimize signal strength, re-prototyped, retested, and gone into production.

Today the Sector 5 FE (First Edition) began shipping!

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  • sweet i do like the sector five for what I’ve seen so far but I’m wondering if you’ll make a vapor pro for iphone 5 if you do that would be amazing and i would buy it. Thank you.

  • I am soooo excited to hear the Sector 5 is finally shipping. I believe I put in for pre-order sometime around 9/21, when I got my iPhone 5. Can you verify you have me on your list? Any idea on when I’ll get the email to actually place my order (1 week, 1 month, ??? – Any clue?). I’ve been trying to be patient and I appreciate the regular ‘teaser’ updates, but just need confirmation I’m at least on the list somewhere.

    BTW – I’ve been looking very hard for the best case out there and this appears to be it hands down. Been looking at iPhone 4S cases since many (like the Sector) aren’t available yet and still nothing compares. NICE WORK!!!

    • i ordered my phone and my receipt says it will ship on the 18th why have i not received a shipping notice? seems kind of silly we we charged in full 3 weeks ago . usually companies charge when the item ships….

  • I HAD a ship date of TODAY and my order still says Processing.. Element atleast give us a update, why is my item delayed? And YES I did contact and all she can give me is it may or may not be shipped today, why? You had my money for a long time now and no exact ship date. You call that customer service?

      • I agree with Perplex – you should relax before blowing up in a public forum because your “ship date” was missed – and frankly I doubt they told you it would ship “ON” the 18th, they said shipping would “BEGIN” on the 18th – meaning some orders were shipped, some will ship another day. This doesn’t mean they decided to shut down and go fishing, and keep your money. I have been watching my order like a hawk, and never saw a “ship date” until mine was actually shipped out – and that happened today. They sent me the FedEx confirmation and tracking info. You will get yours soon – and it will be very much worth the wait.

  • Hi Element,
    When is my Sector 5 FE going to to be shipped?
    I already sign up for the Sector 5 FE already…

    Thanks & Regards.

  • Hey i’d like to know when will my shipping time commence
    i arrange in line about 26th sep and after that got this email

    “Sector 5 List Member News
    You’re on our Sector 5 reservation list and we want to keep you up to date with the latest news….”
    did that mean i still need to wait for next shipping ?? thanks a lot!

  • I recently purchased a Vapor Pro Elite – Nickel Brown Edition for my 4S. I can’t take that thing out of my pocket without someone racing over to check it out and compliement it. It really is the most incredible looking and made case out there.

    My company recently provided me with an iphone 5 however, and Im in tears not having the Vapor Pro Elite – Nickel Brown Edition on it.

    PLEASE, when will this case be available for the iphone 5?

  • My goodness. Be patient!!! Hell, Apple stores don’t even have adaptors, car chargers, screen protectors OR CASES yet……They’ll get in when they get it. Not much we can do about that.

  • Please confirm I’m on the list, I first signed up the day after the iPhone 5 launched and have since signed up a few other times. The reason being is that I never received any confirmation or any follow up email that other members who signed up seemed to be receiving. Not asking for what place I’m in, just if I am even on the list at all!!

    • A successful subscription will load the home page – if it doesn’t go through, you’ll get a page with an error. Attempting to sign up multiple times will not change anything about your original subscription and you will only have one entry in the queue.

  • I can’t wait for this case. Really enjoyed my Vapor Pro Black Ops for my iPhone 4. My iPhone 5 feels naked right now, am resisting temptation to get a lesser case. Anyway to let me know an eta until I can order? I didn’t receive any confirmation when I signed up 2 weeks ago.

  • I’m not even using my phone. I’ve hidden it where no man could find it … In my kids’ room! I registered like 2 years ago. I have no idea where I am on the list. I check my email every 30 seconds. But … The coin is ready!! So let’s go!!! πŸ™‚

  • I put myself on the pre-order list, but after submission, I was redirected back to the element case homepage. No indication that request was received, nor did I receive a confirmation email.

    Is there any way to know for sure my sign-up request was received?

    • We’re not so sure that we’ll be able to do a white case with the Sector 5. The precision fit between the many small parts may not work well with the powder coated finish required for white because of the thickness of the finish.

    • You were pretty accurate with your assessment that you’ve been on the list since 3 weeks after the phone came out – I’ll give you a status update since it will allow others to gauge where they are, too.

      You’re next in line… πŸ˜‰

  • How does this process work? I signed up for the pre-order several weeks ago and assume that at some point an email will be sent to me with payment instructions, billing/delivery address etc.? Am I correct in my assumptions?

    I have to say this case is the ONLY case semi-on-the-market πŸ˜‰ that is as handsome as the phone itself. From the looks of it, its worth every dollar and will certainly draw attention and flattering comments.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    P. Murphy

    • Yes, you are correct! Your order invitation will link you to a page on our web store where you place your order. It will also let you know what date you should expect your order to ship out.

  • I received the pre order email yet when i go to place my pre order it says that they are sold out? Please let me know what i can do to get my order in. My phone is naked!

    Sam Burroughs

    • It sounds like the allocated inventory sold out before you got to the web site. But, since you’re on the list we definitely can put together an order for you. Please contact Customer Support and someone will help you out. Thanks!

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