Sea Otter Update: Specialized | Syndicate Collaboration Unveil

  This years Sea Otter was nothing short of awesome.   The setting is at Laguna Seca just outside of Monterrey, CA with a massive amount of open space that hosts every cycling race under the sun.  It is a perfect four day festival that integrates races, teams, companies showing their latest and greatest and consumers from around the US that just simply love biking.  In addition to the overwhelming biking schedule there was a Laguna Seca Invitational downhill skateboard race in which we had the pleasure to witness and see old friends.

This photo sums up some of the side show fun:

Below are some of our highlights throughout the event.
Specialized Collaboration

We were stoked to unveil the Element Case collaboration with Specialized at their athlete signing party on Saturday.  All the sponsored Specialized riders are now rocking this limited edition case.

Santa Cruz Syndicate Collaboration

We made special custom cases for the Syndicate team and had them on display for fans to check out as well as presented them to the riders.

Here is a shot of Greg Mannaar and his new team case.


We had a booth next to our friends at Ride SFO and had a chance to see old friends and the opportunity to meet a lot of new ones during the four days.

Laguna Seca 2012 Invitational

The last downhill skateboard race held at Laguna Seca was back in 1981. Fast forward to April 19th, 2012 on a sunny afternoon at the Sea Otter Classic cycling festival and we bear witness to the modern day downhill racers charging the same section of racetrack. A strong field of skaters raced on the classic course with some of the best riders in the world representing from as far away as Canada, Sweden and Brazil. Three former IGSA World Cup Series Champions headed the list of entries including Erik Lundberg (2007), Tom Edstrand (2005) and Chris Chaput (2001). Additional top contenders included 2010 Maryhill Festival of Speed Winner Zak Maytum, 2011 U.S. National Champion A.J. Haiby, 2011 Jr II World Champion Max Wippermann and Jr I World Champion Quinn Dubois. A slew of IGSA World Cup Series contenders including Andrew Chapman, Kyle Martin, Billy Meiners, Tim Del Rosario-Rojas, Josh Torres, Graham Buksa, Braden Tibbles, and Mike Jakubiec and downhill legends Jeff Budro and Biker Sherlock were all pushing hard for their share of the $5,000 purse. After the heats whittled down and the racing leathers were drenched in sweat, it was Kyle Wester who won a tight Final heat over Andrew Mercado.  Graham Buksa was third and Eric Lundberg came in fourth.

2012 Sea Otter Downhill Results


Race Date: Sunday April 22, 2012
CLASS DH100 Pro Men
1 Jared Graves 02:02.51 119545 YETI CYCLES/FOX SHOX
2 Michael Hannah 02:03.05 AUS19831 HUTCHINSON UNITED RI
3 Aaron Gwin 02:03.81 274107 TREK WORLD RACING
5 Neko Mulally 02:04.66 247831 TREK WORLD RACING
6 Mitch Ropelato 02:05.78 240150 SPECIALIZED GRAVITY
7 Justin Leov 02:06.98 NZL19841 TREK WORLD RACING
8 Cedric GRACIA 02:07.78 FRA19780 BRIGADE/SANTA CRUZ/F
9 Curtis Keene 02:07.95 112383 SPECIALIZED USA GRAV

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