Remote control helicopters captures the new wave of media?

Snap Roll Media has definitely taken media to new limits. Off the camera stand, and into the air to capturing 360 degree angles never captured before. With the video camera attached on the little chopper, it can view images lower than a regular chopper can go, fit into narrow spaces and fly indoors and 360 degrees around moving objects where a 2 directional zip line cannot go. This will be a game changer in regards of how both videographers capture content and how commercial videos will be produced.

With a motor that’s more powerful than a lawn-mower, and sensitive sensors that can make any sudden movement go hay-wire in flight we gained a new respect for this new breed of puppeteers in the sky. With one sudden gust of wind, one slight twitch of the dial, one careless movement and these choppers could loose flight control, crash, with the potential of fatality if in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Snap Roll Media
has taken their love and skill of flying from a backyard hobby to changing the way media is used and how it engages an audience.

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