Rash Guard II for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Rash Guard II, Black and Silver

Rash Guard- “A means to prevent a rash.”
In this case, the rash I’m referring to are scratches and scuffing that can occur on the all so delicate aluminum band of the iPhone 5. As you know, the iPhone 5 utilizes an aluminum band rather than stainless steel. This is one of the reasons why the iPhone 5 is so light. Aluminum also allows the band to be anodized in a black finish or silver for the white iPhone. But this comes at a price, as aluminum is a very soft metal, compared to stainless steel. Being specialist in the area of precision machined aluminum and anodizing, our design team realized early on that the iPhone 5 would be very quick to show wear from every day use, even if a protective case is used. Although our cases provide extreme impact protection, we wanted decrease the chances of micro blemishes to the aluminum band caused by fine dirt or grit or UV rays that can fade the black anodizing.

It’s extra protection for your iPhone 5 when using an Element Case or any other case, especially if you take the case off periodically.

Rash Guard II now in Black and Silver-
The first Rash Guard we offered with the Sector 5 FE was clear and fingerprints tended to show through the special material, so we added little tabs to make the application easier. But the thinness of the material made it difficult to remove the tabs without distorting it. Now we’ve changed to a thicker material in black and silver to match your phone. It’s much easier to install. Orders shipping next week will include both black and silver version of the Rash Guard II.

We will offer the new Rash Guard II for sale soon on our website, and additional colors will follow.

Thank you,
Element Case Design Department

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  • What about the people who just go the orders this week are you going to send them to us ??
    Also any eta on the vapor dock for iPhone 5 ?!

  • When you say “orders shipping next week,” do you mean orders of the iPhone5 case shipping next week (mine ships on the 26th) will include this rash guard or???

  • Any idea of the time frame on the completion of the invite list… Registered for presales months and months ago? Can you at least confirm via email that I’m on the list ?

    • Lucky you. Today is day 8 for me and I live in the US. Per the tracking info, it will arrive on Friday, a whopping 10 days to go coast to coast. Go figure.

  • Hi. Received my first edition case this week. I now understand the difference in the look and feel of a superbly crafted case. My question concerns the rash guard. If you reasonably take care of your phone I don’t see a need for it. I notice you have small protective strips attached to the inside of the case. Isn’t this adequate protection to keep the case from scratching the phone once installed properly? And if you are careful and gentle while installing the case there should be no scratching either. I can see where if you are rough while initially installing the case you could scratch it without the rash guard installed. As far as added protection from the elements I believe that if you do not abuse your phone by not exposing it to dirt, sand, etc. you should not have a problem by not using the guards. I like the side beauty of the phone itself. Also, will any leather back plates be offered soon. The suede is nice but grey, black or white leather would be awesome.

  • Are you planning to make a case for the iPhone 5 similar to the ION 4 Carbon Fiber case for the iPhone 4? I really like the styling of the ION 4.


  • What about the ppl who ordered the first editions? My rash guards got trashed when I tried to install them. Can I get a set of the new black rash guards?

  • Hi ecadmin,

    My case ships at 26 november , how much days for shipping to the Netherlands??
    Or is it more like weeks?
    Thank you!

  • Your customer service is amazing! You all respond to almost every post. I’m glad I supported your company with my order.
    We need more Made in America products! Can’t wait to get my hands on my Sector 5 FE Graphite Grey!

    • Yes, the only differences are that the FE has a special logo engraved on the inside and the corner links are black. The SE has clear corner links.

  • So us Sector FE buyers have to buy the right Rash Guards that we can put on our phones because the ones sent with our cases stretched out the guards as we removed the tabs and do not fit right or protect and in some spots it looks bad.

  • I see that there’s a new backplate available for the black ops sector five. Will you be offering that specific backplate for sale separately? I really don’t like the soft gray backplate included in the current s5, I was really set on the carbon fiber backplate which has yet to been replaced in your lineup.

  • I ordered two of the sector 5 cases. Can you send me two sets of these new rash guards? I was not hthrilled about the clear ones that came with my cases

  • I got my case yesterday. It is incredible. You guys do some great work. I had a question about the case. It almost doesn’t fit the phone in the case. You have to really pull the zipper to get it to go around the corners without scratching it. Anyone else having this problem?

  • I’m with Charles, I just received my new Silver iPhone 5 Element Case and when I finally get my new white iPhone 5 in a couple weeks I will try using it without the Rash Guard II. If I see a rash developing then I will install the guards, but seeing that well machined side of the iPhone through the case is to appealing.

  • Hi Team,

    With the Black OPS now out for the I-Phone 5 I was wondering if you are going to make available the holster and or the gun grip back plate for individual purchase. I would love them for my sector 5 case.

      • Hi. Is the Iphone 5 black ops exactly the same size as the other Sector 5 case colors? I wonder if the neoprene case that comes with the Sector 5 would work with the black ops well. Also, does the black bolts have the same type 3 treatment as the rest of the case?


        • Yes, all of the Sector 5 cases are the same size. The black bolts are colored with a different process and are not anodized.

  • Can we anticipate the dock to be ready before Xmas?
    Also does the free shipping include overseas shipping for orders over $199?

    • I haven’t heard any development news for the lightning adapter for the dock lately. I don’t think that a pre-Christmas delivery is going to happen. Orders over $199 get free US ground shipping and half off FedEx International Priority.

      • Thank you. I will wait to order the dock together. Seeing that you guys have been picking up on new designs I might find a model that I like better to suit my white IPhone till the dock is ready. Cheers

  • Comprei certa vez uma Element Case Vapor Pro, e para minha infelicidade o sinal de meu celular ficou péssimo, confesso que sempre que recebo e-mail de vocês surpeendo-me com a beleza e o disign de suas capas, mas fico sempre com receio de adquirir mais uma pois de nada adianta o celular ficar bonito sendo que o sinal fica fraco, tentei até fazer dois furinhos com uma furadeira em cima das antenas de meu Iphone 4, mas de nada adiantou.

    Um abraço

    Vander Luz
    Rua Beco Souza Costa 636, casa 29
    Bairro Alto Petropolis
    Porto Alegre /RS
    Cep 91.450-140

    • Olhei para o seu e-mail, mas eu não vi uma ordem no sistema a partir de você. Onde você comprou seu caso Vapor Pro? Será que você comprar de um revendedor autorizado?

  • let me know when the VAPOR PRO is available for iPhone 5 and ill buy at least 5 for christmas presents… nickel/cream looks sick..

  • I have 3 questions:

    1) Will the Rash Guard II be included in the Ronin First Edition iPhone 5 Case package?

    2) Why do I only see Rash guard II protection for 3 sides and not all 4 sides of the iPhone 5?

    3) Do you have plans to make a (wooden?) active dashboard car dock to hold the Ronin protected iPhone?

    • 1. Yes
      2. The Rash Guards only cover the top and sides. The bottom has the headphone jack, speaker ports and charging cable hole that prevents a Rash Guard strip from really sticking to anything.
      3. Not at the moment, but it’s an interesting idea. I’ll pass it on!

  • Can you please send me the black rash guards to go with my sector I purchased and received about a month ago.

    Thanks, Carl

  • These rash guards are really hard to put on, they don’t stick enough. I ended up removing them and that just messed them up. I would suggest a better adhesive and the rash guards should be a whole piece that will go around the phone.

  • HI…i am about to order the custom Sector 5 but am curious about three items…For the difference in the price I almost get a carbon fiber back for $15 if I order the Sector 5 CF and my custom order comes out to $145. However I am curious about the side grip that comes in black and clear on the regular Sector 5.
    1. Will that keep out a lot of dirt and sand out of case?
    2. Does it help with the grip so phone doesn’t slip?
    3. Do both phones come with the Rash Guard or Rash Guard 2.
    4. How much longer does it take to get the Sector 5 custom phone vs the Sector 5 CF?
    5. Are both phones put together with just one screw or is it multiple screws on the custom Sector 5?
    6. Can those Ultrasuede back plates be cleaned …so they stain?

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yes
      3. Yes
      4. Should be right about the same – 2 days of order processing then whatever shipping you choose.
      5. There are 8 screws total, but you only have to remove one to unhinge and take the case off of your phone.
      6. Yes, they can be cleaned.

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