R18 Ultra Chair Public Beta by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram For Audi


The designers Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram are developing a chair within a public testing environment in collaboration with Audi’s Lightweight Design Centre using methods borrowed from the future of automotive manufacturing.













The R18 ULTRA CHAIR consists of three main components: a carbon composite seat, a carbon-rubber composite back rest and aluminum alloy legs which can be compacted and transported in a lightweight flat-pack box.  The purpose of this live laboratory is to gather user data in order to optimise the final product and shed every gram of excess weight. Every testing session will be documented as a personalised video and sent back to each visitor by email link to watch and share with friends. After the PUBLIC BETA phase, all crowd-sourced data will be fed into the chair’s design parameters and its production adapted as necessary.













The genesis of the R18 ULTRA CHAIR incorporates crowd-sourced data acquired through thousands of testing sessions using advanced industrial sensors whose data is processed by custom algorithms to adjust the final geometry and construction of the end product accordingly.

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  • My concern is that the laboratory setting may not be a ‘true’ environment. If you are merely asking people to sit while you take readings vs actually having people in their office/school environments working on their homework or writing reports. This may deliver inaccurate data. I do like the concept though.

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