People People Speaker

Finding high-end speakers that look awesome without taking up too much space is almost impossible. Or at least it used to be. People People is producing a hi-fi speaker system that offers amazing quality as well as sleek, high-end design. The People People Speaker answers consumer difficulties of design and usability with simplicity and functionality.

A transparent unit mounted on the wall lets these speakers blend in anywhere. To make it hassle-free, a wifi antenna can plug into any computer, smartphone or music player that has a headphone socket. Now getting great quality sound from any platform is possible – from iPhones to record players, these speakers are able to deliver.

People People is also making moves to stay green by cutting down on shipping and supporting local businesses. The set is shipped in a small, flat package, and the glass used to make the box for the speakers is ordered through local glass repair shops nearest to the customer. The unit can be assembled at home, and offers a simple solution to the headache that is usually high-end electronics.  Very clever to not only design a simple and effective product but to build in local business into the supply chain.

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