Element Case @ CES 2014

by ecadmin on January 6, 2014

Element Case at CES 2014 - Stop By!

We’re planning to reveal some new developments at CES 2014 this week. Will you be there? Stop by booth #6728 in the North Hall – iLounge Pavilion, if so!

This years show will be bigger than ever with more mobile accessories than ever before. Get an idea of what to expect from this article published at CultofMac.com.


Veteran’s Day Message from the CEO

by ecadmin on November 11, 2013

Element Case - Veterans Day 2013

Last year, my father passed away at 88 and my mom was given an American flag for his service in WW2. He was lucky to come home and lead a full, happy life.

Veterans of various ages are all around us and some are far away, still fighting to protect the freedom we enjoy everyday. Many won’t come back and far too many will come back wounded and disabled.

Today is Veteran’s Day and Element Case would like to honor and support our veterans and two very special organizations:

The Fisher House Foundation provides homes and enables family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful time – during the hospitalization for a combat injury, illness or disease (http://www.fisherhouse.org).

The DAV is dedicated to a single purpose: Empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity (http://www.dav.org).

On this Veteran’s Day, Element Case will donate 25% of the profits from your online purchase to both of these outstanding organizations.

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Sasaki, CEO Element Case, Inc.


iPhone 5S Cases by Element Case

iPhone 5S Cases by Element Case

No doubt you’ve heard Apple’s announcement today about the new iPhone 5S. It’s coming soon, and it’s packed with some great new features! And we’ve got you covered. Element Case offers the famous Sector 5, Ronin, Rogue, Soft-Tec and Ion 5 cases for the new iPhone 5S.

Learn More!


Build a Custom Element Case Sector 5 with Endless Possibilities

Element Case Custom Sector 5 Colors

Our Design Studio has been live for about a year so that customers could design and build a custom Element Case Vapor COMP or Vapor Pro for their iPhone 4. Now we’re blowing the lid off the iPhone 5 case market and you can build an Element Case Sector 5 of your very own design by choosing from different side rails, end caps, corner links, screws, power buttons, screws and back plates.

With over 40,000 combinations of parts and accessories available, the Sector 5 that you design is uniquely yours. So, each custom iPhone case that comes out of the Design Studio is labeled DS-01, meaning that it is the first in a series that you can create or 1 of 1 available.

We’ll build your new custom iPhone case exactly to the specs that you choose and deliver it to you. Create your own Sector 5 now at the Element Case Design Studio!


Dropping a Bomb on the Galaxy S3 Market

by ecadmin on December 6, 2012

While we’ve always been thought of as the iPhone case company, we’re widening our horizons with this, our first offering for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone. The all new Atom follows in the footsteps of our insanely popular ION 4 iPhone case with its TPU chassis and real carbon fiber inlaid back plate.


Rōnin or rounin was a Samurai with no lord or master during the feudal period of Japan. From the death or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master’s favor or privilege, the Ronin is alone. The Ronin answers to no one, and abides by no rules but his own. He becomes his own ruler.

The 2013 Ronin Line is a Masterpiece from Element Case.

Special showing and pre-release of Ronin FE (First Edition) on December 4th to our Element Case “Loyalty Rewards” members only. If you would like to be notified of Element Case pre-release products in the future please create an account at elementcase.com and start enjoying all the benefits that come with being a “Loyalty Rewards” member.

UPDATE: Ronin is available for purchase now…


Rash Guard II for the iPhone 5

by Matt on November 16, 2012

iPhone 5 Rash Guard II, Black and Silver

Rash Guard- “A means to prevent a rash.”
In this case, the rash I’m referring to are scratches and scuffing that can occur on the all so delicate aluminum band of the iPhone 5. As you know, the iPhone 5 utilizes an aluminum band rather than stainless steel. This is one of the reasons why the iPhone 5 is so light. Aluminum also allows the band to be anodized in a black finish or silver for the white iPhone. But this comes at a price, as aluminum is a very soft metal, compared to stainless steel. Being specialist in the area of precision machined aluminum and anodizing, our design team realized early on that the iPhone 5 would be very quick to show wear from every day use, even if a protective case is used. Although our cases provide extreme impact protection, we wanted decrease the chances of micro blemishes to the aluminum band caused by fine dirt or grit or UV rays that can fade the black anodizing.

It’s extra protection for your iPhone 5 when using an Element Case or any other case, especially if you take the case off periodically.

Rash Guard II now in Black and Silver-
The first Rash Guard we offered with the Sector 5 FE was clear and fingerprints tended to show through the special material, so we added little tabs to make the application easier. But the thinness of the material made it difficult to remove the tabs without distorting it. Now we’ve changed to a thicker material in black and silver to match your phone. It’s much easier to install. Orders shipping next week will include both black and silver version of the Rash Guard II.

We will offer the new Rash Guard II for sale soon on our website, and additional colors will follow.

Thank you,
Element Case Design Department


Sector 5 Pre-Order List Now Closed

by ecadmin on November 12, 2012

Element Case Sector 5 First Edition

Ok, we’ve got some good news and some bad news:

First, the bad news: We have now closed the Sector 5 Pre-Order Reservation list sign-up and we are no longer accepting new entries. Element Case would like to thank everyone that has signed up and patiently waited to receive a pre-order invitation. If you are on the list and have not yet received an email from us inviting you to order, don’t worry because it is still coming. We have just shut down the list so that it will not get any bigger and you will still have an opportunity to order a Sector 5 First Edition or your choice of the available Sector 5 Standard Edition cases.

…And the good news is that Sector 5 Standard Edition will be available to the public without a pre-order reservation starting on Monday, November 19th! We’ll post more news about the release here or visit the Sector 5 product page on that day to get your own!


Designing the Sector 5 iPhone Case

by ecadmin on November 2, 2012

Element Case Sector 5 aluminum iphone case design sketches

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking us how we came up with the design of the Sector 5, so I thought I’d share some of the design history of this very unusual iPhone case.

In summer of 2011, I was at Northstar Bike Park in Tahoe, for some downhill mountain biking and R&R with my buddies. All weekend I had been pondering the fate of the iPhone 4 prior to the 4S announcement. As I walked into the Northstar Village Oakley store, my attention was instantly taken by a display of modular goggles. That’s when it struck me: How cool would it be if our case was modular, customizable, and had upgradeable optional components?

I started sketching some ideas in the condo that night and again over coffee the next day. Some of the original sketches drawn on a Northstar pad are shown in the image above.

Soon after, two good things came about for Element Case.

The first was the Element Case Design Studio, which allows people to custom build a case on our website and have it shipped within days. Kudos to our web development team and supply chain team for making that happen.

The second was the design of the Sector 4 for the iPhone 4S. You may be asking yourself why we created the Sector 4 knowing that the iPhone 5 was on the way. Well, it’s because the design is complex, and the concept would need to be developed and proven prior to the release of the iPhone 5.

So, after a long year of development we launched the Sector 4, and then we eagerly awaited the arrival of the iPhone 5 in order to apply the Sector 4 design language to a new Sector 5.

Getting back to the original concept of “modular” and “upgradable,” we’ll soon be offering cool accessories and upgrades to the Sector 5. All of this takes time but we’re already rolling, so be patient as great new things are on the way for the Sector 5 line.

-Jeff Sasaki, CEO