iPhone 5 Case – Sector 5 Development Update

Hello Element Case customers & fans!

The new Sector line has been in development for a long time, and the overwhelming response to the Sector 4 case has us really excited to bring you the Sector 5 for the iPhone 5. Here are the latest developments:

Friday –  We received our first iPhone 5 test phones and after evaluating it, I just want to say that this phone is amazing!

Saturday – We took our new iPhone 5s to our test facility in Santa Cruz, CA, along with our prototype Sector 5 case for in depth technical testing.

For the most part, the iPhone 5 is what we expected and our new design was working out pretty well. But, Apple threw us a curve ball on a few items and we’ve had to make some adjustments. The biggest surprise was in the dimensions: the actual size was thinner than we expected and the buttons/ports were shifted a bit, as well.

One item in particular that is never revealed early is the antenna configuration. Without going in depth, the antenna layout of the iPhone 5 is much different from previous iPhones and our engineers have pinpointed sensitive antenna drive points that will help us optimize the design of the Sector 5.

Sunday – Element Case designers met with our engineers to make a few tweaks to the design for better fit and performance. Today, those changes were given to our machine shop and soon we’ll have a new sample Sector 5 case to test. These changes will optimize the way the Sector 5 fits, increase its performance and make it look even slimmer.

Next week – Our machine shop will prepare for production while we finalize the assembly process and review new packaging. Yes, it’s a lot of work to design and manufacture the best cases in the world, but it’s really exciting and I love the process of rolling out a new case design.

The First Edition is coming soon – are you signed up to reserve your spot in line? Loyal Element Case customers from the list will be given the first chance to order.


-Jeff Sasaki, CEO

195 Replies to “iPhone 5 Case – Sector 5 Development Update”

  • Can’t wait. This’ll be my… 7th?… Element Case.

    Given the changes to the antennas, will the Sector for the 5 be symmetrical, or will it retain the same polymer bridge on one side?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I am expecting a symmetrical design as the antenna is no longer in the band around the outter perimeter.

      • Same. If the timing of a vapor comp release is in the next month or so, I can wait, but if not, I’ll probably go elsewhere for a case. The sector has an off-putting chunkiness.

        • I’d also love to have either a Vapor Comp or Pro for the iPhone 5. I like the Sector, but I love the variety of colors available for the other 2 cases.

      • I absolutely agree with you guys. I’m desperate to get a case for my iPhone 5, but I’d prefer a Vapor Pro and a few Vapor Docks. I’m not keen on the Sector design and I hope there’s a Vapor 5 design very soon.

        Any plans?

  • Thanks for the update Jeff! We can’t wait to get these installed on our iPhone 5’s! Is it possible to pre-order these cases in the near future? And will there be a Lightning adapter for the Vapor Dock anytime soon?


  • I do like the Element case products, and I own already one for my iPhone 4s and it’s great, it has protected my phone many times. Thank you for designing such reliable products.

    Can’t wait to see and buy the new case for iPhone 5. Thank you for the good work1

  • Thank you for keeping us up to date on the progress of the Sector 5. I’ve purchased many cases in the past and will only purchase an Element produced case for now on. The best quality case, most distinguished look, and the biggest statement in craftsmanship!

  • Jeff, thanks for the update. Now please, let me give you my money now! You are being nice in not “taking” our hard earned money, but please take it, I’ll feel better knowing my case is spoken for and you will send when you are good and ready. Thanks!

  • looking forward to an announcement about a Sector Comp style got iPhone 5.

    Had the Vapor Pro for my iPhone 4 and really wanted to try out a comp this time round. 🙂

  • Looking forward to the Sector for Iphone 5, have not heard anything about a DOCK or like ANDREW noted. Will there be a lightning adapter for the VAPOR DOCK??

  • I have the phone and want the case. Please let me know when you have it right so that I can be the first in Canada to experience the Sector 5!!! Thanks for your amazing work and continuous efforts to make your products perfect. You folks are impressive.

  • I also would like the Vapor comp because I want to custom design my case with specific colors. Will the Vapor be available for iPhone 5? It looks like no color options with the Sector? Or…?

  • Hi, Jeff & Element Case

    Well I can’t wait to get my hands and start the Review races on YouTube but this Year is going to be different because it’s my Sons “Pablo Jr.”, Anniversary first year of his passing and before he left us the Great & Awesome people at Element Case gave him the best gift a kid can have and it was a Special edition EC just for him, I was so happy that he was happy and I really appreciate the
    Hard working folks over at Element Case for doing this for my Son. This Year I’m doing something amazing for his Anniversary and me & my Wife are going to start a “ElementCase”, YouTube channel, it’s called ” ELEMENTCASEmyiPhone “, and it’s going to be Dedicated to all Element Case Products and Events they do! All for my boy that wanted to do this & we will do it in his spirit. So guys and girls get ready for the best YouTube Channel on cool Tech stuff from ElementCase . Can’t wait for the first review , “The Sector”….

  • I imagine the case will be as nice as my stealth was for my iPhone 4. I am looking forward to getting the new sector. I just hope my new iPhone 5 remains pristine until this case is made.

    Nice job guys/gals. Keep making these cases.

  • Awesome! I have it narrowed down to two case’s and witch ever comes our first is going to be my case. I work at best buy and when I took out my iPhone 4S customers where like “omg where’d you get that so I told them and now there’s more than just me with an Element case in Salem, lol. Keep it up guy’s I’m stoked

  • I can’t wait for any element case you guys put out for the 5! But please hurry I need a case soon either one vapor comp and/or sector

  • Just got my sector 4 case for my iPhone 4, and it is just bloody amazing.
    I am indeed very excited about the case for the iPhone 5, and believe in
    you guys to just blow our minds away. Read reviews about the new phone, and
    many pointed out the problem with the paint on the side. Hope you guys will be able to
    overcome this, and put as many paddings you can inside the case to make sure that it
    won’t scratch the phone! Plus, please make the carbon plate for the new phone as well!
    Cheers guys, and you are truly the best ones out there

  • Many thanks for the update
    Like most, I’m eager to get my I phone 5 covered in what I believe to be the best case out there ( this will be my 4th)
    My Ip5 arrived last Friday and so keen was I to use it, I purchased a rival case ( as a temporary measure; a box named after a fish eating mammal) .It wasn’t a good experience and the Ip5 is now back in the box awaiting an element case. For now I’ll use my 4s covered in a custom vapor comp.
    PS I like the sector line, suspect as before I’ll purchase one of these and a custom vapor comp/pro for whatever mood I’m in!

  • Still waiting on info regarding the Vapor Comp 5. Sector looks too bulky on the corners.

    My phone comes next Friday and I hope element will have some info out on the vapor before then, so I don’t have to go with a competing case. I really want an Element case, but it won’t be the sector for me.


  • Thank you Jeff for the update, I’ll be waiting for on the next update on when to place my order, can’t wait to see the next piece of art

  • After going through several [other] cases for my 4S, all failing or not looking good, I bought the Vapor COMP and used it for about a year. Amazing case. I got numerous compliments on it.
    I’m excited to have the new Sector case and confident it will perform perfectly!

    • And btw. I know it may seem like i’m frantic to get this case. It’s just that these plastic cases are jokes, and I had to get a case mate, and its already peeling. I just want to get sector 5, so I can finally be done with case hunting. You can understand where I’m coming from I hope.

  • Let’s just be honest people. The Sector 5 just didn’t pan out design wise. You guys nailed it with the Vapor Pro Elite – Nickel Brown Edition. How about you just update that for the iPhone 5 so we can all send you tons of money.

  • Please add a way to put a tether on the Sector 5. I see what looks like a pin to attach one on your Android case. With all the critical apps and data I’ll be putting on my iP5, there is a real need to make sure it is never far from reach or end up in someone else’s hands. Gear Keeper products are attached to some critical bits of my kit and they have been invaluable.

  • What are your plans for other cases for the 5? Are you going to continue with the other cases for the 5? What’s that timeline looking like?

  • The Sector for iPhone 5 looks great – however I’m curious about the inside linings of the sector case considering that the iPhone 5 scuffs easily. Will it be lined with some form of coating all around or only at the edges like the iPhone 4 cases?

  • saw the sector 4 for the iphone 4 and loved the back plate made of fabric or something. plus i loved the accesories that came with that product. hope they do the same with this

  • Love the Sector 5 design for the ultra slim iphone 5. It’s the evolution from a mere “case” to the architecture my phone will inhabit. Brilliant! My iPhone 5 literally won’t be complete without it.

  • I can only agree with some of the guys- please make a Vapor Pro for the IPhone 5 as well as a carbon fiber back plate. I have the white Vapor Pro for the IPhone 4 and just love it. I actually cancelled my order until I can get a case that will keep it protected. If you build it, they will come and spend the $$$

  • The big brown truck brought my iPhone 5 an hour ago. It’s super sexy, but definitely naked without a Sector 5. Some lucky people got to purchase them yesterday — when do I get my shot? What to do until then — bubble wrap or cheesecloth?

    • My VAPER PRO case has protected my iPhone4 for the past three years, I concur with those above who have favored the Vapor Pro Design.

      But in addition to the protective alumninum case, there is a need for a strong leather case that the Element-protected aluminum iPhone5 could be slipped into. This leather should have a strong belt clip (i.e. OTTER products have this type of belt clip — but OTTER is too bulky) and strong magnet clip to keep it shut so the phone will not slip out.

      Thanks for your consideration.


  • I too am interested in other cases for the iPhone 5. I notice the sector has those cutouts showing a ribbed side or something. I used the plain silver 007 vapor case version 1 for 2 years and it was absolutely classy. It didn’t scratch off the paint or anodizing because there was none of that. The more wear the better it looked. Ay chances on making a bare metal case?

  • First off I love this case, I had the iphone 4 version. The design and execution is flawless. The way its balanced couples with the weight and feel in your hand is far superior to any other case (and I’ve owned A LOT of them). The only qualm I have is that, if you dropped the phone in such a manner that it lands with the screen facing down, and hits the floor flat the screen might not be saved. The case seems to be flush with the edge on the front. Any input on if this would not survive?

  • I saw the pic of the plain aluminum iphone 5 sector prototype outside next to the sector for i4 laying on that picnic table.

    Is there anyway possible I can get the non0anodized, plain aluminum silver sector for the iPhone 5?

    I just would like it from day one to be the color that all anodized models will end up being one day anyway. A scratch on the plain gives it character. A scratch on the anodized or painted model, kind of discounts it’s design, doesn’t it?

    • Me too. I want to be able to create my own Vapor Pro for my iPhone 5 just like with the iPhone 4S. Please tell me you have plans to launch a Vapor Pro for the iPhone 5.

  • I also signed up and did not receive anything about the releases and when ill be able to order ?
    Please let me know I want to order mine as soon as possible.

  • The new case sounds cool. Unfortunately, I’m partial to the Formula 4 case. Hope we get one of those for the iPhone 5, I don’t want to leave my phone naked for too long 🙂

  • ok – time for an update. The queue is ready. If you feel confident in your product – lets leave the “limited release” behind and commence with the product rollout.

    • Joe, we would love to roll the product out to everybody at once, but this case has a lot of different pieces (8 for the main body alone!) and we’re only able to produce them in small quantities. Please stick with us, we’re working as quickly as we can to get these into your hands!

  • This case looks amazing. I am a first time buyer, but it looks amazing and fits the aesthetics of the iPhone 5. Can’t wait to see it in my hand.

  • Please update your fans on whether you will be producing a case similar to the Formula case. That is the case I love except for not having adequate front protection (small raised lip would be nice). We don’t mind waiting a little but would be nice to know about other designs.


  • Okay, maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like the sides of the sector 4/4s are being used for the sector 5, with the link taking up the extra length needed for the iPhone 5. If you look here: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/c0.43.843.403/p843x403/527541_535518979798606_953808317_n.jpg

    I want to buy the prototype. No paint, no anodizing. Just the plain, lasting color of the aluminum that will not scratch off. What do you say? Sell me the prototype? Or sell me a sector 5 before it undergoes a paint or anodizing process. Look at the anodized models after 1-2 years of use and you’ll see why.

    • The design of the Sector 5 is completely different from the Sector 4 – look at the placement of the links. The Sector 5 is also a thinner profile.

      • pretty straightforward, Admin, everyone’s just stoked!!!! i will even buy one if you told me it was $500.00 actually, contact me by email and i will buy it now

      • Thanks for the reply ecadmin.

        I guess that’s a no on selling me a prototype. It’s not the immediacy of it, it’s the natural surface that I ‘m looking for. Best of luck!

  • To the iPhone I once said

    Why do you need anything done on? And for so much money? You’re soooo gorgeous baby 🙂

    but I see this and now I know why

  • Will the Bumper hold in the back panel plate instead of having to rely on the back panel plate being stuck on by adhesive?

    • Same as our other back plates – held on by adhesive. Capturing it in the case means that the case has to be much thicker.

  • Are you planning on releasing single upgrades for the Sector 5 in different colors? or whole complete customizable frames like the Vapor Pro???

  • I signed up so early, I thought. Dying… DYING… [groans]… dying… cannot wait much longer… will die of every-other-case-is-boring syndrome… [cough, sputter]

  • My old Vapor COMP Stealth case allowed me to use my Beats By Dr. Dre earbuds without having to buy a severely awkward headphone extender (the native Beats jack is “L” shaped and could potentially break the iPhone, jack and extender with a single jostle or pressured sitting position). From the main photo above it looks like the new Sector 5 audio jack access port is going to keep the “L” shaped jack from connecting flush with the case like the Vapor COMP did. Is this assumption a safe one to make or, has this already been tested?

  • Just wondering if you guys could work on a design for a holster (Sideways) which could handle the iPhone 5 with an Element Case.
    Every Holster I tried were very tight…

  • I have my iphone 5, and will keep using my 4 untill i have this badass case wraped around my 5…… Please hurry elementcase, please!!!!! Cant…..wait……much…………longer……

  • What about an ION 5? I love my ION case and it was seriously the saddest part of getting my new iPhone. I miss my case so much! Please make an ION 5!

  • Even the Sector 5 with customizable colors “LIKE” the Vapor Pro would be nice.

    I know its say new flux finish colors and upgrades on the Sector 5 product page any ETA on those? you can even have it at the same price as the LE I don’t care.

  • I have had an iPhone 5 for almost a week and no word as to when I will be able to exchange my cash for a long awaited Sector 5 case. I haven’t left my bedroom, shaved or showered out of fear that something will happen to my caseless black 64G. The lack of case has turned me into a modern day Howard Hughes — you should see all the milk bottles lined up along the wall, not to mention the Nosferatu-like fingernails — this is a terrible situation to be in. I’ve got a fever and the only cure is a Sector 5!

  • I think I have a problem. I literally launch mail every five minutes hoping that I’ve received my notification lol
    Gahhhhh! I can’t wait!!

  • Taking too long to get the new case. I already have the IPhone 5 and it is un protected… thinking about doing something

  • Sounds all good but do you have plans to make any other cases? The Sector 5 is a top end case that costs almost as the phone! Ion4 or Formula4 for lower end buyers.

  • Vapor Pro will be the best. I suspect the vapor pro will be a long way off since most will settle for this sector case just to have one and the demand for a second case like the vapor pro will just be too little to manufacture. . I’ll just have to wait. I’m patient. Been searching for other makes, haven’t found any yet. Looking for plain old silver natural aluminum.

    American manufacturing is slow.

  • So getting the sector 5 when it’s in stock.

    And another vote for the dock, I will buy the dock in a heart beat! Please make one, Element!

  • Any more updates yet? We don’t want promise just an indication when we can press ‘buy’ 🙂 c’mon already! Take my god damn money!

  • Waiting to hear info on the realease of a Vapor Pro for the Iphone 5.

    I certainly hope that Element decides to come out with the Vapor Pro 5 and not just assume that everyone will buy a Sector. I know many will, but I will have to look to other cases if the Sector is the only option, the Sector is too bulky and busy in the corners.

    Patiently waiting for info on addtional cases. Until then, will continue to use a cheap Belkin!


  • Dear folks at ElementCase.com,

    When I first came across the sector 5, I was very excited – though tempered since I knew that the case’s release was tied directly to the iphone5 release date. I’ve read the updates and know that designs are never quite perfect, yet when I go to other case manufacturers websites today – I see terms like this:

    in stock, out of stock, available on October 10th, ships on October 12th, etc.

    Those are simple words that give your customers a clear understanding of the product availability. While I appreciate that you offered a limited pre-order, that only gives the appearance of being more ready than you actually are. Here is what I’d like to know:

    1. When will the sector 5 be available to purchase by the general public, and when will it ship. For example – it will go on sale October 10th, and ship about 5 days later.

    2. What are the details surrounding any future pre-orders. For example – ElementCase will hold one additional pre-order for 50 lucky customers on October 7th… units will ship about 5 days later.

    Tell us WHEN the case will be available. Some will choose to wait. You’ll lose the more impatient folks, sure… but many will be encouraged by your transparency and will opt to standby and order as the units become available. However, if you choose to continue with VAGUE communication – you’ll simply frustrate and lose potential customers.

    This isn’t rocket-surgery. Please let us know when the case will be available to purchase, okay?


    James Morrison

      • Well said James. Communication can go a long way. Your products can withstand delay/frustration, only if it is communicated properly.

      • Everyday i come here and check for updates…….

        Everyday… i see none……

        should i just buy a Blade case for my iphone 5?

        Can i buy the one you have on display in your Sector 5 page? That one seems to be done?

        • I check the website EVERYDAY for updates too. I signed up for a pre-order reservation like 3 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. Please update your potential customers with better and more complete details regarding the release of the SECTOR and any other IP5 cases you have in the pipeline.


    • We’d love to communicate with you, but you’ve posted on our blog with three different invalid email addresses from the same IP address using a different name most times. Are you signed up for the pre-order reservation list? Production is getting faster everyday and we’re able to send out more invitations with each group, but it would be hard to predict how long you’ll be waiting without being able to find you in the list. This communication thing is a two way street and your attempts at anonymity aren’t helping the cause.

  • Please make a Vapor Pro for the iPhone 5.
    I think that case looks much better than the Sector.
    It’s more elegant and simple, the Sector is good, but it looks more mechanical.
    I’d rather a Vapor Pro kind of make, so please make one quickly!
    Thank you! 🙂

  • ECAdmin…….pls provide some reponse on future plans for Vapor Pro 5. I would like to know if you are planning on releasing one, not planning on releasing one, maybe etc. I seems like many people have expressed and interest in a Vapor Pro since we all don’t like the Sector. I hope you aren’t assuming that if you only give info on the Sector, those that are interested in the Vapor will just give up and buy a Sector. Some of us won’t and we will have to look to other manufacturers. I am willing to wait, but if I don’t hear anything back from you I won’t wait. Some info please. Thanks.

  • Hi, I’m into Vapor Pro too. Got 1 for my iPhone 4 and totally loving it. Currently I’m using transparent plastic cover to protect my iPhone 5 while still hunting for “the” cover… but can’t find anything to my likening yet. Please advise if Vapor Pro is in your pipeline and when I can expect it?

  • Did you guys test the reception/signal strength for the case with the carbon fibre backplate on?
    According to the blueprints supplied by Apple, that the 2 glass parts on the back of the iPhone should not be covered with metal as it will degrade the signal. Since carbon fibre is also conductive material like metal… It may degrade the signal.

  • I too have been waiting for what seems like an eternity, with NO email updates, we want to order the sector 5 and another vapor for my 4S but I fear I may be stuck with this OtterBox forever 🙁 Are we anywhere near a release?

  • My vapor4 pprotect my iphone a lot in many cases, so without any hesitation am going to buy the sector5 but free name engraving would be nice…..

  • wtf?@JimK,
    Speak for yourself, this is a Sector5 development update blog not a ‘answer arrogant dumb questions blog’..
    I love the Sector 5 design and have reserved one for myself, im sure more cases will come out in the future however the Sector 5 case is definitely a unique and hi grade case not offered by anyone else on the market at this time.
    Can’t wait to get it and show it off, had other element cases for iphone 4 and loved em!
    Don’t answer JimK, make him have to get some sub quality case from ebay..

  • I am extremely interested with in this case… I cannot wait! I would love to know the weight and actual size of the case before acquiring one just to be sure it would be worth the large sum of money.

  • [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit. [checks email] Dammit.

    Ignore these people demanding a Vapor. The Sector is the New Thing and I, for one, am *dying* to get one. 😉

  • Don’t worry, the cases are coming. If they stopped to give us an update each day, it would surely slow down the case’s time to market.

    Keep in mind that Element Case fully expects that everyone who signed up on the pre-order list before September 27th will be given the opportunity to purchase a Sector 5 within the next 6-8 weeks or sooner. They will continue to offer limited production releases of the Sector 5 over the next few weeks. These limited production releases of Sector 5 will be offered to customers on the pre-order list in the chronological order in which they signed up. They cannot confirm the exact schedule of these releases, as they are based on the daily progress they make in ramping up production.

    So for those checking their email every hour, your gonna have to be more patient than that, as it could be months before you get a Sector 5 case. Look on the bright side, it could be right around Christmas when you get yours!

    In the meantime, I picked up a crappy case to limit my withdrawal symptoms…


  • So the back plate is stuck on with glue basically?!

    Are you ever able to remove the back plate if needs be?
    Excuse me for sounding like a novice. I’m new to this element case concept as we don’t have sophisticated cases from across the pond………

    • No worries! The back plates have an adhesive back that is a lot like the back of a Post-It Note, just more sticky. As long as you keep the adhesive clean, you can remove and reapply the back plate as many times as you like.

  • This better be one darn fine case, because I think EC is mining the last remaining bits of adamantium from the earth’s core to make it! Holy moly it’s taking forever!! I think Apple might release the iPhone 6 before the sector 5 is released…

  • All these posts just go to show what an instant gratification society we have become…. “I want it now” even the Apple employees say the first releases of cases dont fit correctly as they dont have an actual phone to test on, just specs. it’s nice to see a company try to get their product out with high standards in front of putting out shit just to get it out! Keep up the good work. The cases are worth waiting for!

    • Quit being a moron. Every other case manufacturer already has their cases out and available to order. In fact, the only manufacturer besides EC that doesn’t have their case out is charging $3,000 for it. That’s not a typo, google it.

  • When I did my preorder I didn’t notice a choice of screw colors for the iPhone 5 Sector 5. Was there a choice like there was for sector 4? I would prefer silver stainless over black but if there is no choice I will of course take either.

  • Hello, can you please update us on when you will be making the Formula 5 case (for iPhone 5)?
    Sooner the better, I know alot of us are waiting for it. Thanks for your time.

    • Then she will, unfortunately, be waiting for quite a while… we don’t plan on releasing a Vapor Pro for iPhone 5. Thanks for your order!

          • That’s what I’m waiting for. The Formula 4 case was my favorite. I bought it when it was released and had it on my phone until I upgraded to the 5. I really hope you release a Formula 5, that would be sweet. My phone is naked until that happens…

        • And just now I get an email telling me that the Formula 4 is back in stock, lol. It’s like teasing a child with candy. “You can’t have it for your phone, but here it is for your last phone again”. Geesh! Btw, I’m still hoping you guys make this for the 5 😉

  • Are you going to make colors that will be more complimentary with the white iPhone 5 and if so how long would that take to roll out?

  • How long do we need to wait for these? already had to buy a another case for the meantime……excited on trying these cases for the first time. looks pricing but appears to worth every penny.

  • Here we go again with the dock connector not allowing ANYTHING but the Apple lightning cable to plug into it..I bought the overly priced $30 Apple old style to lightning adapter to continue to use my ihome alarm clock and pioneer car dock.

    Got my $160 sector case today and that Apple converter doesn’t work now.

    Maybe instead of showing off your mad cnc skills by making 3 separate openings on the bottom,maybe try and make something functional…just like you did when you fixed the vapor 4’s same issue by taking more material out of the dock area on the comp case.

    • We design our cases to work with the accessories that Apple supplies with the phone and we try to make ports that are big enough to support aftermarket headphones, etc. But, we clearly can’t design a case that is going to support everything on the market. If you look at the bottom of the case, the extra bracing that is there is needed to support the thin-wall design of the case. Here’s the great thing about the Sector 5: it’s modular. We’re already working on replacement parts that will increase the functionality of your case. A larger bottom that will accommodate the dock adapter is not out of the question, but in the meantime, we recommend the short adapter cable instead of the adapter block.

      • Sounds reasonable to me. This is why Apple provided two options – because the block wouldn’t be suitable for every adapted application.

      • Ok. After finding out about the .2m lightning to 30 pin WIRED adapter,I ordered 2…seeing as though I didn’t like to transfer the small one piece adapter from my ihome to my car and back.

        Got it today…and surprise surprise….the Apple lightning side is made differently than the oe lightning cable that came with the phone,so it doesn’t plug into the phone with the case on either. So..grand total of adapters that don’t work with your case is around $100…

        Not happy at all with this case. A little more R&D before the release would save headaches. Awesome looking case…but not so awesome when other people find out that nothing is compatable with it,and how much money I spent on it.

        • Sorry for any confusion, Jason. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give us any information in advance on these things, either.

          • Dear element,

            Does the apple lightning to 30 pin adapter work with the sector 5 case on the iphone5? I use the adapter daily and can’t imagine having to remove the case just to use it.

  • Cannot wait for case so l can get rid of the casemate case which I’m using to protect my iphone 5 at the mo, have got the Black ops case on my old 4s and is a brilliant bit of kit, they are pricey but are the ultimate cases around to protect your iphone 🙂

  • I love the the ability of designing your iphone case, would you have this feature with the new iphone 5 cases and when?
    One of the winner for me is the Vapor Pro Elite – Nickel Brown Edition which is a beautiful, elegant….. case which makes your iphone looks so different and nice…. I can’t wait for something like this on the iphone 5 would you rush production……….sorry if I am impatient…………

      • Please don’t make the Formula 5 like the ION. Keep it of the same material (high impact polycarbonate) as Formula 4 and as slim as possible, no robust corners to keep it smooth as possible. 😉 haha why don’t i just design it for you.

        *something cool would be to see a case made from aircraft grade carbon fibre only.

        & Thanks again.

  • Please e-mail me th latest goddess stuff for my I phone and I pad . The cases you make . Kinda make me droooolll all over the place LOL

    • If you clear your cookies and reload any page on our site, you can sign up for notifications in the box that will pop up. Thanks!

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