How We Put the Custom in Our Customers

Spending time with loved ones. Making resolutions. Partaking in a polar bear plunge. The start of the New Year is filled with customs. So, naturally, we here at Element Case thought what better time than this to launch an exciting new custom—the Element Case Custom Shop.

How it works is simple.
Take our popular Formula case, which is already a hit in its original orange/black and blue/grey color blends. Now, give yourself the opportunity to mix and match your own color combos of case components to create a completely custom-made masterpiece.

  • Choose from a black/grey or white/gray chassis.
  • Ponder over silver or gold buttons.
  • Decide between blue, citron, green, gunmetal, orange, or red rails.

Like every product in our Adrenaline Collection, this specialized Formula case is built for thrill. But, with the Custom Shop ability to personalize the look, this is a case that’s unquestionably built for you.

We unveiled Custom Shop to the masses at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it was a huge hit. People waited in line—at times for close to an hour—just to get their chance to play the role of case designer. Things got so popular that, before the four-day expo was over, we ran out of Formula cases that visitors to our booth were able to color craft on the spot.

But, don’t worry…we’ve still got plenty of stock online. Check out the Custom Shop page on our website to get yours.

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