Element Case Wood Series – New cases for iPhone and iPad

Element Case Wood Series iPhone cases and iPad cases

Once again, we’ve joined wood and metal to form a combination of elements that is pleasing to the eye (and touch) in a whole new series of products. The Element Case Wood Series, for both iPhone and iPad, wraps a protective composite layer around your device covered with a very thin, genuine wood laminate. The result is lightweight protection in an attractive package that adds a new dimension of luxury to your iPhone or iPad.

The Element Case Wood Series for iPad is a one-piece carbon fiber cover with a wood overlay that fits the iPad 2 and the new iPad with cutouts for all of the ports, switches and connectors. The Element Case Wood Series iPhone case is also a one piece composite cover with wood laminate but it also includes an adhesive wood front plate to give you all over protection. The front plate is like the back plate included with many of our other cases – it has a reusable adhesive so that you can easily remove it for repositioning or just to save it for later. As long as you keep the adhesive clean, you can reuse it almost indefinitely!

The front plate is also sold separately with a matching wood back plate as the Element Case Wood Series Elements Kit. As shown in the image above, you can install the Elements Kit with any of our bumper style iPhone cases (Vapor Pro or Vapor COMP) and add that wood touch to a case that you already have.

For more information, see the Element Case Wood Series page


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