Element Case Vapor Protects iPhone in Motorcycle Accident

Element Case Survives Harley Crash Damage
Damage to Harley Davidson After the Accident

Recently one of our customers, David from South Carolina, wrote to let us know what happened to his Element Case protected iPhone after he had a motorcycle accident.

David was center punched by another motorcycle that had blown a red light back in July of 2011. The front tire of the other bike  hit the primary cover (the large cracked part in the image above)  resulting in a cracked and bent frame – a death sentence for any motorcycle – as well as a broken transmission. He suffered massive bruising and was with an ice pack and Ibuprofen for quite a while.  But, his guardian angel was watching out for him and he suffered no broken bones.

What about his iPhone? Here’s what happened, in his own words:

“According to a deputy sheriff who found my phone, it was about 40 to 50 feet from where I was laying in the road. It didn’t have a scratch before the wreck. Its biggest damage was to the two corners but for the most part the case wasn’t too badly damaged.”

Thanks to the Element Case wrapped around it, David’s iPhone lived to ride another day!

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