Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops II Elite – Troops are on the Ground!

Vapor Pro Black Ops II Elite aluminum iphone case with VZ Grips back plateThe best just keep getting better and we’ve brought one of our (if not the most) popular cases from the Vapor Pro line up to Elite status.

By incorporating design cues from the original Vapor Pro Black Ops like a matte, non-glare finish, black power button and amber RF insert, we’ve taken the Black Ops II Elite to the next level by basing it on the new Vapor Pro Elite frame, incorporating the new CNC machined amber RF Insert and including a new, special back plate. So special, that we decided to offer it separately so that you can pair it with your existing Element Case protection.

What’s special about the back plate? Well, lots! We’ve partnered with world renowned hand gun grip manufacturer VZ Grips to produce a back plate out of G10 composite material that has a shape and texture that is just like the grips that they make for all types of hand guns, including the revered Model 1911.┬á G10 composite material is impervious to heat, cold, water, chemicals and it’s durability complements the aluminum construction of the Vapor line of iPhone cases that we produce.

Like the Ultrasuede® back plates and carbon fiber back plates in our line, it has a removable adhesive that will stay sticky for as long as you keep it clean. That means that you can interchange back plates on your case to suit your mood and reuse them later!

Special note for LEO and military: We will engrave your service or badge number into the aluminum frame of the Vapor Pro Black Ops II Elite for the first 200 orders that request it! Just leave your message up to 20 characters in the “comments” section for your order.

Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops II Elite
Element Case 1911 Back Plate

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