Element Case Vapor Dock Review Round-Up

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Discovery News Tech – Sleek Dock Charges And Syncs iPhone, iPod

“To be honest, I never use the docks that comes with iDevices. What’s the advantage of charging the device upright vs flat? But for those who prefer their iPhones upright while charging and have extra cash to spend on their preference, there is the Vapor Dock from Element Case.”

The Source – Element Case Vapor Dock for IPhone 4/4S

“If you have an Iphone 4 or 4S you might want to check out the new Element Vapor Dock. This dock is made from CNC machined aluminum with a FLUX finish giving it a softer texture to the metal. It also includes miniature perforations that amplify the sound from the Iphone’s internal speakers, making your favorite music louder and clearer.”

iLounge – Element Case Vapor Dock for iPhone 4/4S

“Known mainly for its Formula, Ion, and Vapor iPhone cases, Element Case has released a premium desktop mount for the iPhone 4 and 4S called Vapor Dock ($120). It comes packed with less than Apple’s Universal Dock and costs twice as much, but the materials and design are meant to merit a premium. Like its namesake case, this machined aluminum dock is designed to be big and bold.”


MacWorld – The Week in iOS Accessories: Everything old is new again

“Element Case: The $120 Vapor Dock is a luxury charging and syncing dock for the iPhone and iPod touch that’s CNC-machined from a single, solid billet of aluminum. The device comes in either a satin-silver or -black finish; it includes a USB-to-dock-connector cable that fits inside the cable-management pocket in the base, and it features an audio-enhancement port that claims to amplify the sound from your iPhone or iPod’s own speakers. The raised dock connector and wide dock cradle lets you use the Vapor Dock with many cases, and rubberized feet prevent the Vapor Dock from sliding around your desk.”

BlessThisSuff – Vapor Dock By Element Case 

“The Vapor Dock is one of those products that must be picked up and held to really experience it. Its then that youll feel the weight and solidity of the precision machined aluminum form. It features clean lines and delicate surface details that create precision highlights.”

GadgetMac – Element Case Vapor Dock Review

“The Vapor Dock is just as amazing as anything we’ve come to expect out of Element Case. Leave it to Element Case to put out one well designed dock that’s machined out of solid aluminum. The Vapor Dock is easily the most attractive dock I’ve ever seen. If Apple ever made a dock out of aluminum, it’ll have the same amount of awesome sauce in the list of perfect ingredients that make up a dock. Element Case knows its stuff and it shows here. No matter the angle, the Vapor Dock is extremely attractive.”

Hypebeast – Element Case Vapor Dock for iPhone 4/4S 

“Those in need of a viable iPhone 4/4S dock option, may want to begin their search with the Element Case Vapor Dock. Setting itself apart from the crowd with a minimal aesthetic, the Vapor Dock is wrought from a CNC machined aluminum and boasts a unique FLUX finish providing a softer texture to the metal. Integrated with a slot for the iPhone USB cable, the anterior of the dock features miniature perforations that amplify the sound from the iPhone’s internal speakers. Understated inclusions of non-slip base pads and plush suede inserts finish off a dock that just may fight your Sir Jonathan Ive-designed iPhone for face time (no pun intended).”

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