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UPDATE: Sector 5 Development Update from Element Case CEO


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Sector 5 release update!


New Sector 4 Case launches!

Today we launched the ALL NEW case for iPhone that’s going to rock the iPhone world. It’s called the “Sector.” As expected, the Sector case will change the way you think of premium iPhone protection and style. Sign up above to get on the Sector iPhone case notification list and to reserve your Sector for iPhone 5. This is separate from our normal email list.

Check out Sector for iPhone 4/4s

342 Replies to “Element Case Sector – For iPhone 5”

    • Ok wait is this being released today or tomorrow. Your Tweet says tomorrow and that was on the 11th but now the site says in 2 days….clarification? I wanna give you my $$$

  • make something like the COMP design. something similar that doesn’t cover the back side of the phone. some people want to show the entire phone but just protect the delicate part like the antenna.

    i would like to see something that will fit the white iPhone. i’m getting that as soon as the preorder becomes available.

        • Agree. The Sector is too industrial looking for my taste. It’s a Vapor Pro that i want for my iphone 5. When you come out with that i’ll buy.

          • Guys, the Vapor concept won’t work on the iPhone 5; If you look around the edges of your iPhone, you’ll see that there are 4 segments where the metal doesn’t meet. You need to have an insulator around those areas so the antennas don’t interfere with each other. So even if they did a Vapor concept, it would be segmented in multiple pieces like the Sector, or most likely the iPhone would be fully suspended by an insulator within the case, which would add extra thickness.

  • Thanks you Element for giving me the heads-up on the iPhone 5 case!
    I was worried because I am getting the new iphone on the 9/21 and I was worried that I couldn’t find a Case for it.


    • I can’t wait to to get my SECTOR 5! YES i am one of the first 10 to RSVP and those guys who replied on someone else’s comment up above, i hope they get bumped out for cutting-in-line in front of me and these guys after me.

      Thanks for the update, I know when it does come out, it’s going to be the best of the best case.

      I can’t wait to trash this SPECK CASE i got on my iPhone 5 right now, it’s really making me want to switch back to my Vapor Pro Elite 4S till the Sector 5 is delivered.

  • I’ve gone with another aluminum bumper case before only because of price, but i may shell out the money for the iPhone5 case. I’m ready for the true original

  • Damn it, where is it !
    Take my money pleaseeee !
    says Launches tomorrow ! I swear I read that last night, I need 2
    maybe 3 if theres another color I want !

  • and i dont care how much ! lol
    unless its over 500 , it better be damn limited and made out of gold or some sort of premium metals
    just sell me minimum of 2 cases !

  • vapor pro like please, Something high end like the vapor pro,
    The reception was much better than the cheaper models and the weight balance was perfect.
    I’ve tried the lower model cases but I gave it away because I didnt like it, and Stayed with the Pro series.

    Liked it so much I bought 6 so far since iphone4 release

  • I want one soooo bad!! I love my Black Ops on my iphone 4 and it protected the phone better than any other case I ever had. A year and a half later still looks great!

  • Awesome! Finally got the announcement out! Now iPhone 5 goes on sale tonight, delivers starting the 21st. I would really like to order my Sector 5 case for my new iPhone 5 and get it before the phone shows up so I don’t have to go without the case even a day. Is this possible?

  • Sector for the iPhone 5! I must have one! Blacked out like the black iPhone 5!
    Is it ready yet?…… How ’bout now?….. Are we there yet?!

  • i have the black ops on my 4s. and it took a beating , never broke my phone. cant wait to get the sector for my future iPhone 5

  • I’d also like to put my vote in for a Vapor Pro version for the iPhone 5. The Sector looks AWESOME, but the Vapor (to me) really matches the lines and aesthetics of the new 5. Hope you’ll consider it!

  • Please make an Ion 4 for the iPhone 5!!!

    My biggest hesitation in upgrading is losing the. Best case I’ve ever owned for any product. Plz!!!

  • I will certainly be getting an Element Case for my new iPhone 5 when it comes in. The sector case seems like a bulky case to me with the screws in the corners??? Hope it is very low profile, or even better make a comp or vapor case for the iPhone 5, keep up the great work guys!!!

    • I’m thinking it’ll be the same thickness on the corners as my vapor pros,
      if not slimmer.

      I think it’s an optical illusion, my Vapor Pro’s are bulky in the corners as well, like swollen.
      Just looks lower profile because it’s a simple bump look rather than screwy look ?

      But I’m with you, I’m hoping for a slim low profile, I understand the thickness of the previous cases is what gave ultimate protection (And I’ve dropped/tossed my phone several times. never had it crack or break on me for 2 years straight)

      But Hopefuly they figured something out in it’s design to go lower profile

  • I’m hoping for more color selections on the Sector 5
    While Gun Metal looks fantastic,

    I was hoping for an All Black/Slate Stealth look
    and an All white out version for my gf

    • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      me and my gf’s phones will be naked for an entire month ?!
      no way !

      I’m hoping they have already had an hands on sample , like the other reviewersdid that I saw on the web
      during 9/13

      • I hope not, but if I remember correctly this was the situation with the first vapor case for the iPhone 4. Maybe, just maybe they got advance specs. We can only hope not to have naked iPhone 5’s running around.

  • Please add a raised edge to the front of the Formula Case for the Iphone 5. This would make it one of the leading if not the best Carbon Fiber case in the market.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE– quickly release the iPhone 5 Sector case in a NICKEL SERIES version. I really would like an option of the Nickel Series with the wood piece. Or to begin, at least provide the option of a wood piece instead of the clear plastic piece on this first version of the Sector.

    While I love most all of your cases, I really don’t like the small plastic piece on these cases and think the wood piece you provide in the Nickel Series is beautiful. PLEASE give us at least the option on just that one piece on this first version. Thanks Element! Look forwarding to purchasing more cases from you!

  • Sucks that these cases probably won’t be available before the phone actually releases, as I would love to take my phone right out of the box and place it right in to the case!!!!

  • From what I’ve seen of the Sector case, I’d really prefer to see a Vapor Pro case for the iPhone 5, and a supporting Vapor Dock with the new Lightning connector to support the iPhone with the case as well.

    I was really sold on Element Case when I saw the original Vapor designs and some of the (albeit expensive) limited edition cases which looked so classy. I think there was a James Bond one at one point – anyway, I’d like something for the iPhone 5 that looks professional, is comfortable and of course has legendary build quality. The Sector case looks good, but not very classy, like the Vapor.

    Please, will there be a Vapor case and Dock for the iPhone 5? 🙂

  • Will they make the Vapor Pro Elite Black Ops II case for the iPhone 5? Just had got a email about it from VZ Grips but I knew the i5 was not going to work with the case because it’s going to be bigger.

  • I get what u mean also, the sector is cool but a bit sporty/military looking. May look out of place for an more sophisticated environment, such as for work or office firms etc, I agree also
    Sector may look a little iffy when wearing a suit or polo. But I think an all black may mask some of the sporty look

  • Just read that Apple made the external schematics for iPhone 5 available to case makers. Hopefully that means the Sector 5 will be available very soon. Gotta have it! My

  • Dear Sir,
    I’m hoping the new element 5 case for the iPhone 5 will be available in “polished Nickel”. I plan to purchase the new case plus the Carbon Fiber back plate in white and of course the Dock also in Nickel. If those three items are going to be available I’m ready to order so I’ll have everything on the twenty-first when my new iPhone 5 (White) shows up at VERIZON.
    Looking forward to hearing from you so I can place my order. V/R
    Thomas Brisse

  • Ed beat me to it – I just bought the Vapor Dock (it ROCKS, BTW), and will be camping out to get the iPhone 5 Thursday night. Will the Sector 5 be available soon, and will it dock with Vapor Dock? I already own 3 Vapor Pro cases, I’m a HUGE fan – keep up the excellent work ElementCase!!

  • Where’s the sector for the 5. C’mon guys. Let’s do this! I’m holding out on all other case purchases. But you really gotta act fast!

    Get those CNC machines humming!

  • As sexy as my iPhone will be, I dont feel comfortable with parading her around in the nude… Please make her some lingerie to protect her delicate parts as soon as possible 🙂 I really don’t want to have to get her an ugly sweater

  • What is taking so long to get the iphone 5 case information? The site says that is was released on Sept. 11 and now it is the 18th. My phone will be here in 3 days and I want a case to put around it. I already have a Vapor pro and a Black ops case on my 4s & 4, and I love them – so where is my 5???

  • slight chance they are just holding on till sep 20th or 21st,
    Maybe it’s a contract thing with apple, or some other reason we just don’t know about and they’re not allowed to say.
    I’m pretty sure seeing how high volume sales they’ve had with Iphone 3/4/4S
    They are well prep’d , and already pre-making but assuming they can not make enough on time , Thus leads to “limited qty”
    so I guess we won’t know anything official till actual Iphone5 Release, I noticed a few other case companies I was looking at for temporary purchase till sector 5 is out, is also not mentioning much.

    apple would probably want their cases sold as much as they can first, before 3rd companies get a shot at the sales, so They might’ve done the whole “we’ll give you specs if you contract not to release any forms of info till release date”

    what I just wished Element would do is take pre-orders, Despite color and options just take my money so I can feel alittle bit at ease that I’ll atleast get one before they run out of stock.
    and not push me back another month for a back order

  • Ummm stats show most phone buyers pick up accessories withing the first 3 months of getting there phone, which is why case mfg. rush to get products out. So why is there no news of a low end composite case from you guys?

  • Look ecadmin, Give us any nugget of information here. You have an entire wall of people trying to figure something out, and you give us nothing?

    An estimate, a date, ANYTHING. Be more transparent with your consumer base here! Are you waiting for a physical copy of the phone to test interference? Do you need some of the finer details a physical phone provides to ensure fit? Let us know! Don’t just have us dangling out here.

    What are you, the government?

  • I had a Vapor on my Iphone 4, and now that my Iphone 5 is in transit for Sept. 21 delivery I want to wrap it up in a case ASAP. I’m hoping that it will be an Element case.

  • Oh well, it doesn’t look like Element will have a case for any of us guys who are getting their iPhone 5’s tomorrow! All the hype and nothing at all to show for it. Like others have said, give us some info at least! Not knowing is worse than anything!!!!

  • Relax everyone, don’t get yer knickers in a bunchy. I’ve yet to see a small, custom iphone case manufacturer release a case for a brand new product before they can get it in their hands to validate fit and finish. The same exact thing happened when the new ipad was released.

    If you can’t possibly go through life w/o a case on your new iphone5, then pick up a cheap rubber model until the sector is released.

  • Wish there is a silent pouch to go with the Element Case.
    I always have hard time to get a pouch to attach to my belt, especially a “Molle” standard matching up for LE people’s needs!
    Element Case is the best and over price in my opinion (yet I am still fall for it), but Element Case never creat and sell an oversize frame shold at least design a belt pouch.

    My 2cents only.

  • when are you going to make a strap that you can attached the element case to for runners? I have to break down the case everytime i want to use my iphone to go for a run.

  • We all want to buy your product, looks great, made in America, we want to help this country’s economy, but you need to give us something, give us a date.
    We all need protection!

  • Will there be a vapor pro for the iPhone 5? I don’t know why but I don’t like the curvy corners of the sector, the vapor pro is sleeker

  • It’s 9/22, hope those machines are busy cutting away, making my iPhive some body armor. We’re ready to do battle, but plastic is so… plastic.

  • Woot! Copped an iPhone 5 on 2nd day of release. I love my Vapor Pro on my iPhone 4S. I hope EC comes out with different metal tones for the white iPhone 5. Gun metal is beast but not so good on the white version. Should I pay you now?

  • Iphone 5 came in yesterday, it seems like its gonna be a few weeks till you announce it + start taking orders so I went with another company. Sorry. Protection of my phone is more important than waiting around for any info.

  • I have a Vapor Pro for my iphone 4. Now I have the iPhone 5 in hand and cannot wait to get your new case on it. I’m voting for a Vapor Pro version as well. The Sector is cool looking, but it seems bulkier on the corners, so here’s hoping your are working on a Vapor like version sooner than later. Hurry, my iPhone 5 is vulnerable and needs your help!

  • I purchased a cheap POS to keep my iPhone 5 safe until your Sector (and other) case(s) arrive. How long was that cheap case on my iPhone? About ten minutes. I couldn’t handle it. Bring on the Element cases for iPhone 5!

  • I hope you guys are planning on making a clear back for using with this case.. otherwise a lot of people will forgo this case..

    • The sector is built to be very configurable – I’d imagine that some of the add-ons might be different color backs (given that other Element cases feature them). That said, have you ever used a clear case on your iphone? I have, and I can tell you with confidence that it simply gets all gummed-up and dirty in there.

      As for the “a lot of people will forego this case…” comment: clear backed cases are among the least popular styles of mobile cases. Check just about any case manufacturer, and you’ll find a handful at most. It’s just not a very popular option.

      I rocked my iphone4 with a simple bumper (no front/back) for 1.5 years – no issues. Heck, you don’t even HAVE to use a back on the sector at all.

  • Previous purchaser of your original case. Waiting for this one to be released but my question what about your Vapor Dock! When will the new dock with the lighting connector be available for the new Element Case. Are you going to release them side by side, since you old vapor dock has the old apple connector.

  • HELP… You’re killin’ me! I need my Element case soon. Any more word on an ETA?

    I am so in love with Element’s protective features and sleek design that I am still using my old iPhone 4 (even though I have an unactivated 5 right in front of me) … Just because the 4 is fully kitted out!

  • Just saw the update.. sad that I missed out on the first lot for sale.. but WOW!!! That looks stunning (not that I expected anything less from Element).

    Can’t wait to get one!!!!!

  • Yeah, was using the Black Ops and I can it served it’s purpose well! It has protected my 4S on quite some heavy fall.

    Anyway, I remember I signed up early (as soon as I saw the update in the website, even before receiving the update mail)… but was not able to be part of the first batch of orders… 🙁

  • I’ve been eyeing these cases for a couple years but I have never been able to convince myself to pay $130+ on a cell phone case! I absolutely love the way these look…not even a close 2nd that I can think of when comparing this case to others. So, here I am again, trying to convince myself to pay $160 for this case! May be you guys can help me…please talk me into it! I do have one question though…Does the case provide any shock protection at all? And I’m guessing if you drop the phone face down you will have a cracked screen with this case, correct?


    • You waited a couple years over the $130 price, now it’s been a couple years and it’s $160. I gotta tell you, pull the trigger my friend. We are all paying almost as much as the phone for a case. Anyone outside of the ones like us that buy it, look at us like we’re crazy when they hear the price. But they also are the envy of all who see you with it. So (to borrow from a sneaker company) Just Do It!

    • And to answer your question about cracked screens. I had a Vapor Pro on my iPhone 4 for 2 years, and it was without a backplate, so the glass front and back were exposed. I dropped it quite a few times over the years and it never cracked front or back. The way the Vapor Pro held the phone, the glass was inset just below the rim of the case, so the glass was not as exposed as you would imagine. The Sector 5 looks like the screen sits at or above the rim, so I don’t know if it’ll be the same case (pun intended). I’ll let you know on Oct 19th when I have my case in hand after having been shipped overnight. Good luck, hope to see you post that you bought it after all.

  • Any plans to develop the Vapor Pro Elite – Nickel Brown Edition for iPhone 5? This is a really beautiful case and I would like to order one for my husband. Let me know if you do release it for the iPhone 5.

    Thank you.

  • I signed up on the preorder list and received an e mail last week about a limited release and called to order a case but was unsuccessful to speak with anyone. I left a message on Friday. I would like to place an order and am in no hurry for delivery but would like to know how to place an order? Thanks in advance waiting for your reply.

  • All the information is excellent, and it would be great to see the photos in color – I too, am looking for a nickel edition, no wood please.

  • The Sector from Element Case is their highest-level offering in protecting your iPhone 4/4s. For those of us with brand-new iPhone 5 phones however, there still is no decent case out for it (I know it’s only been a day, but still…).

  • I like the overall design, but have a question. Why are there slots cut along the right side and top of the case? With the design of the phones antenna not around the perimeter, would a solid side and top work and not affect the signals? I’m looking to keep dust and grime out of as many places as possible. The iPhone 5 seems to attract more dust than the previous models.

  • To the iphone id say: Why do you need anything done on? And for so much money? You’re soooo gorgeous baby 🙂

      • So, if I’ve got this right – I have to wait until your ready to take my per-order, wait a few weeks for it to be fulfilled, and wait probably 3-5 business days for shipping. Since you aren’t releasing a per-order schedule (e.g. 50 per-orders per week), its near impossible to predict when I might get the case. Mid-November looks conservative at this point – and that’d be two full months after the pre-order list.

        I’m losing consumer confidence in the delivery of your product. Maybe I’ll check back in a few months, hopefully you’ve got your act together by then.

        • I agree with Jane. Iphones are very expensive to have them unprotected and spending money on a case in the mean time this one comes out its just ridiculous. Its taking way too long.

  • The sector completely defeats the purpose of the iphone 5’s thinness, it looks silly with those bulging corners. will wait for a vapor

  • Hello,

    Is there any update on the sector 5 for iphone? The last communication I received was the email that a lucky few got shipped out. I have had my phone for a week already and it not protected.

  • Yep, waaaaay too slow at getting these out. My phone needs protecting now, not in a month. Sorry – gonna have to pass…

  • Re: Element Case Sector – For iPhone 5

    I would like to know, the estimate cost for the above mentioned Iphone 5 case, where I can buy it, can I buy it online.

    Do let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  • Dear customer service. The new iPhone 5 iOS out in the market. Millions are sold. Where are the cases for the new phone?are you50years behind? Thanks Bernardo

  • It looks like the Sector 5 case will allow the iPhone screen to touch the surface if I happen to lay it face front on a surface? Can you confirm this? I can’t zoom in on the images provided but from what I can see, it doesn’t seem as if the outer ridge of the case will provide a small lift so that the screen will not touch a surface of a table, etc. The Vapor Pro images seem to have an outer ridge that doesn’t allow the phone screen to touch a surface. I’m new to the Element line of cases so I was trying to figure this out. Thanks for your help.

  • I have 2 other EC’s but Sector looks too bulky and heavy for a thinner and lighter IPhone 5; going in the opposite direction of the trend. Will there be a Vapor Comp? Forced to look at the Lifeproof cases. Only 1.5mm thin and weighs less than an ounce.

  • is there a description somewhere I’m missing? Someone asked about a lining to this case. Is there any? Also, how protective is this case? And I see mention of using adhesive for the back? Does this come off cleanly? And it look to me like the sides are flush with the front, which means dropping this on its face will most probably smash the screen. It looks amazing, but it is functional or purely aesthetic? A full product description would be useful.

  • I need this product ASAP. The Vapor Pro saved my iPhone 4S from three brushes with the dreaded cracked screen!

  • I’ve mailed Element Case, and got a reply from them.

    “We fully expect that everyone who signed up on the pre-order list before September 27th will be given the opportunity to purchase a Sector 5 within the next 6-8 weeks or sooner. We will continue to offer limited production releases of Sector 5 over the next few weeks. These limited production releases of Sector 5 will be offered to customers on the pre-order list in the chronological order in which they signed up. We cannot confirm the exact schedule of these releases, as they are based on the daily progress we make in ramping up production. These limited production releases of Sector 5 will only be sent to an extremely small percentage of the pre-order list. Please make sure to keep an eye out for your pre-order invitation email! Thank you for your patience. “

    • We’ve already sent out invitations to a half dozen small groups and we’re continuing to work out way through the list.

  • Are you guys serious, when are you releasing it, it’s been ages!!! I want this case for my iPhone 5, please release it soon!!!

    • We’ve already sent out several groups of order invitations – if you haven’t gotten it yet, then it shouldn’t be far away. Thank you for your patience!

  • If we signed up for the order invitations how long do we have to wait before we can order?
    My brother’s birthday is 11/04 and his iphone arrives 11/02, would really love to make it on time!

  • Hello, I live in France. I have tried to register to the reservation list but I haven’t got any response. I do really want to get this sector 5 case, is it possible for me to get it sent to France?

  • any idea if the docking station made for the vapor cases will fit this/ will one be available in the future? Id like to fit one into my car and connect it to my stereo for a custom look.

      • I removed the original 16 pin cable, and replaced with the 8 pin lighting connector and held it in place by wrapping thin wire around the cable to hold the connector in, similar what what a collet would do. Not the best solution, or a permanent one, but works well enough until the Element collet is released.

  • セクター5

  • I have the same questions/concerns as Chris from Oct 5th.

    ECAdmin, please respond … Thanks! Tim

    “is there a description somewhere I’m missing? Someone asked about a lining to this case. Is there any? Also, how protective is this case? And I see mention of using adhesive for the back? Does this come off cleanly? And it look to me like the sides are flush with the front, which means dropping this on its face will most probably smash the screen. It looks amazing, but it is functional or purely aesthetic? A full product description would be useful.”

    • Did you see our Top 5 FAQ? There is a soft lining in the case and we also provide an adhesive Rash Guard wrap to further protect the outside of your phone from anything else that might come into contact with it.

      The adhesive for the Ultrasuede back plate is a lot like that on a post-it note – as long as you keep it clean, you can take it on and off as much as you would like and it comes off cleanly.

      The front is not flush with the face of the phone. There is a slight lip that provides lay-on-the-table protection.

  • Just got my iphone5 sector 5 case last night. Installed with ease, ultra ultra light frame and incredibility strong!! look awesome with my iphone… Thank you everyone at Element Case!!

    • Not a hole that is intended for that specific purpose, but I think that you could easily use one of the many slots in the case for that.

  • Just received mine yesterday… it is indeed the best looking case ever. Looks ever better on the 5 then the same design on the 4. Great!!!

  • How does one determine if you’ve been successfully registered for an opportunity to queue for this case? When I do the form on my iPad….it just unceremoniously kicks me back to the home page.

  • The Sector 5 looks cool but I Love the Ion4 and hope that you guys come out with one for the iPhone 5!!! have dropped the phone a lot with this case and no damage has come to my Iphone 4s.

  • Please please pretty please tell me you guys are going to make a 1911 gun grip back plate that I can buy with this case. The only reason I went with the black over the white IP5 is so I could put that back on it with an all black Element case!

  • I have one question. If I’ve signed up for Sector 5 list, can I buy a standard edition one, or preorder invitations only allows you to buy First Edition??

      • That is awesome 🙂 Can’t wait to get my invitation. Love the black Sector 5. Another question. I guess you’re sending invitations in day after day order. On which day are you now ?

  • Yay! My preorder came through this morning – ordered with next day shipping!!!! Oh I can’t wait, maybe they will ship a little sooner than expected :)))))))

  • hi 4 questions for you..

    will the sector 5 works with full body wraps like zagg or ghost armor?

    will it work with SPG GLAS.T?

    and outside of pre-orders when do you anticipate the sector to be readily available (NOV/DEC?)

    and can you verify if im on the pre-order list?

    thanks.. 🙂

  • Just received my sector 5, awesome looking case but a few problems I just noticed. The apple adapter with the 6″ cord does not fit, I’m bummed about this as I bought this instead of the adapter without the cord to try to get around any fitment issues. Also mine did not come with two back plates as stated, I only got the suede one; no carbon fiber. I had the OG vapor comp 1st gen for my 4 and it had similar issues with chargers not fitting, I just wish this had been addressed for us first edition buyers of the sector5.

    • Customer should have contacted you to let you know about the carbon fiber – we’re going to be sending out refunds for the difference and giving you a coupon for the redesigned piece when it’s available. Is the 8 pin connector on the short cable bigger than the normal 8 pin connector?

      • Apparently it is slightly taller (8 pin end)than the normal lightning cable. Thank you for the prompt reply. Also thanks for the info regarding the back plates.

  • What I would like to know about the carbon fiber backplate you are no longer including due to issues on your end, is WHO is paying for the shipping when it does become available? You guys charge $30 shipping to receive the case here in Canada, so I really hope you don’t plan on charging me another $30 to order the carbon fiber backplate once you get the issues sorted out. I paid an exorbitant amount of money (in the world of iPhone cases) + $30 shipping so I was pretty disappointed to learn that one of the factors that led to my purchase (the carbon fiber backplate) was no longer being shipped. The refund and promo code to get it when it does come available is great, but not if you are going to charge me another $30 shipping. I submitted a ticket a few days ago, but have yet to receive a reply about this.

  • Quick question – What colors are available for Sector 5 now? If Silver or white are available, how does it look like on a white machine?

  • I just signed up for iphone 5 pre order. I have multiple element cases and a vapor dock for my iphone 4s that I only had for a few months before i bought the Iphone 5. I NEED A VAPOR DOCK for my IPhone 5 !!! LOL!! Are you in the process of making a dock and if so can you please put me on that preorder list as well for 2 docks?

    Thank you!


    Glynn Sziraki

          • so just to confirm for people that just placed an order and probably get it beginning of December will get a coupon to order and will we still be responsible for paying shipping cost at that time?

          • If your order originally included carbon fiber but it was changed, then you’ll get the coupon code to order at the discounted rate and we’ll cover shipping.

    • The Sector 5 case was designed so that the cables included would fit with the case. Since the Sector 5 is modular and we may be selling another bottom piece that with accommodation for the larger plug on the adapter.

  • I have sent a pre order list over a month ago check my email daily and still nothing it’s kinda frustrating that I have no info that I’m even on “A” list as I re signed up but if that’s the case I now have to even wait longer. There is absolutely no info on the site please help

  • Are you guys going to post new pics of the available colors on Facebook? I’ve been checking since yesterday and I’ve yet to see any. I have my invite to order but can’t decide on the color because the pics you currently have aren’t very helpful. It’s difficult to distinguish the Grey from the Black from the pics that are posted.

  • I have researched every iphone 5 case available at this time and your case is by far more superior than all the others. I have been so anxious to get something to protect my Iphone 5 and have registered for one of your new sector cases. Is there anyway possible to know if I’m am looking at weeks or months to get my pre-order approval or if I should I just order something else to protect my iphone 5 at this time. Thank you for your response

  • I love the comments everyone is posting. I have never had a case from this site and I am eagerly awaiting my pre-order notification. These cases look awesome.

  • Can you please inform me of when I submitted my pre-order reservation. I feel like it’s taking forever, but then again maybe I just can’t wait.

  • Just got my Sector 5 FE yesterday and I have to say it looks amazing on the phone! I’ve been using a beast of a case (not going to name drop the brand) to keep the phone safe but the case made it so big I had to use a belt clip. The Sector FE looks amazing and truly captures just how slim this phone is without compromising style or safety. beautiful work Element. I’ve owned several others case styles for my iPhone 4s but the Sector 5 beats them all out, it looks and fits better than any other Element case I’ve had and that’s saying a lot because I almost didn’t want to get the new iPhone because I knew I’d have to give up my Vapro Pro Nickel plated case.

    Well done Element, keep up the great work and hopefully we’ll see a nickel plated version of the Sector 5 soon!!!!!!

  • “We prefer to bring new ideas to the table for your iPhone 5 than to try to rehash and package old ideas, no matter how cool they remain. ” Being a marketing major, this sounds like BS. Your cases are high quality, be that as they may, they are also expensive! Thanks for forcing me to not buy a vapor. I cannot justify the price tag you will put on the sector!

    • Being a marketing major, you’re going to learn that companies have to move forward in order to stay competitive. Stalled innovation means that someone else will take the lead in the marketplace and that old design concepts don’t always work with products that have evolved both esthetically and technically. Element Case is not just another me too brand that has jumped on the bandwagon of creating products for the aluminum case market – we started the aluminum case market.

  • I am UK based and had a vapour pro on my i-phone 4s, I never saw another vapour case in the UK…loved the exclusivity! I am waiting for the sector case…but how much longer do we have to wait?

    • It looks like you were sent an invitation to order back on 10/16. In fact, our records indicate that you opened the email and clicked the link, but didn’t place your order. Did something go wrong on the webs that prevented your order from going through? Please contact Customer Support

  • Hi,
    I received my pre-order before yesterday, I saw that I only had one day to order and I did not …
    3 colors are now unavailable when I click on “order now” in the mail.
    It has been 2 months since I expected this mail.
    Please is it possible to give me a pre-order that I would now?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.
    sorry for my bad english, I’m french.

  • My ship date is getting really close and I’m getting very excited. I just noticed you guys are in San Carlos, right down the road from me (San Mateo). Any chance, I could swing by and pick it up when it’s ready rather than waiting for the shipping process?

    • Sorry, but we’re not able to accommodate retail customers at our office. Don’t worry though, local shipping is overnight!

  • I was trying to buy a FE in Graphite when I first got email. It went to a certain point then stopped. Dont care if its a FE but it wont even let me order a standard edition now.

  • Aloha,

    Could I please get another invite for the case, I just tried to order it from the email you sent and it is sold out.

    Thanks and let me know,

    Todd Constantino

  • I got my sector 5 case about two weeks ago for my iPhone and I absolutely love it. The only issue I have and its kind of a big one is that I cannot use the Lightning to 30-pin adapter while the case is on as the lightning male piece is not long enough. FML!!

  • Put Me on the Vapor Dock iPhone 5 Waiting List. Love the sector 5 case but am wondering if you have a leather carrying case coming out for it like the Morphie Power case holder. Also will the apple power adapter sync from old to new work with the vapor dock?

  • I have an elemen case that has had a couple of problems. First,the backing is coming loose at the corner. Second, the fit of the frame was getting loose so I tried to gig tighten it up with the tool provided. Now one of the plastic corners broke at the screw location! I paid way too much for this to happen.

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