Element Case Announces Sponsorship of Jake Zemke

Element Case is proud to announce its sponsorship of Jake Zemke/DucShop Racing for the 2012 AMA GoPro Daytona Sportbike Championship.

Several of us here have a long history and strong passion for the motorcycle culture.  To have the opportunity to align and support a rider of Jake’s caliber just feels right.  We will be there every step of the way as Jake takes aim for another AMA Championship.  Stay tuned for upcoming tour updates.


Jake Zemke/DucShop Racing


Jake’s back story:

Jake Zemke is a household name to all AMA fans. A former dirt tracker, he made his AMA roadracing debut in 1997 and has subsequently finished in the top 3 of the Championship12 times, bringing him to the podium over 100 times during his professional career. In 2006 he won the Daytona 200, and finished third in the 2007 Superbike Championship. 2008 saw Jake crowned Formula Xtreme Champion while finishing second in the AMA Supersport championship. His 2010 season started with a bang, taking double wins in the Superbike class with the Jordon Motorsports Team. These wins highlighted the first ever Superbike wins for the AMA team. That year would see him finish third overall in the championship. In 2011 he delighted fans when he took pole in the Daytona 200 on a non-factory bike. The rest of the season was spent across the pond, competing in the British Superbike Championship.


Jake Zemke/DucShop Racing

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