Build Your Own Custom Sector 5 iPhone 5 Case in the Design Studio!

Build a Custom Element Case Sector 5 with Endless Possibilities
Element Case Custom Sector 5 Colors

Our Design Studio has been live for about a year so that customers could design and build a custom Element Case Vapor COMP or Vapor Pro for their iPhone 4. Now we’re blowing the lid off the iPhone 5 case market and you can build an Element Case Sector 5 of your very own design by choosing from different side rails, end caps, corner links, screws, power buttons, screws and back plates.

With over 40,000 combinations of parts and accessories available, the Sector 5 that you design is uniquely yours. So, each custom iPhone case that comes out of the Design Studio is labeled DS-01, meaning that it is the first in a series that you can create or 1 of 1 available.

We’ll build your new custom iPhone case exactly to the specs that you choose and deliver it to you. Create your own Sector 5 now at the Element Case Design Studio!

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