We Couldn’t Have Resisted Getting Twisted

Barona Speedway in the hills of east San Diego County is home to a veritable smorgasbord of competitive racing events, offered up with the family in mind. It’s not Indy car. It’s not Formula 1. It’s not NASCAR. It’s just dirt and dust, kids and dogs, and plenty of BYO and RPM.

The semi-banked, quarter-mile clay oval track features super stock, mods, pro pony, stock pony, pure stock, street stocks, sprints, dwarf, and mini dwarf—in a pure Americana setting, with an authentic hometown vibe. And recently, the venue added one more item to the menu, playing host to the ultimate all-comers event.

The inaugural Twisted Throttles featured a “Run What Ya Brung” day of flat track and drag racing. A chance for average folks to hit the oval and throw down the gauntlet against their fellow everyman (and woman).

Twisted Throttles also boasted bike shows, live music, and plenty of vendors…as well as a kickoff party, burlesque show, and vintage bike show in the nearby city of Ramona. Many rode in for the Saturday to compete (or to spectate), but a whole bunch maximized the experience by dropping in the night before and camping overnight.

We couldn’t resist checking it out for ourselves.

We’re Turning Black Friday Into Black OPS Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a day that people are typically looking for bargains and deals. But we believe it doesn’t always have to be focused on price slashing, mega discounts, and freebies. Sometimes a good deal – let’s make that a great deal – is simply being able to get a hold of something that’s painstakingly-engineered, carefully-crafted, and built to last. Good old fashioned high quality that’s worth every penny.

The latest edition of our greatest case is exactly that.

We’ve chosen to introduce the 6th generation of our flagship case, Black OPS, this Friday. The same day the big box stores will see shoppers tearing other shoppers’ hair out in the almighty quest to see who can grab hold of that last $99 off-brand TV.

While those folks are inflicting bodily harm upon each other to secure merchandise of questionable quality, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and go online to obtain the case that delivers the ultimate in covert protection for your new iPhone X.

Black OPS is decidedly ultra-premium, featuring CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum, a military-grade G10 reinforced back plate, and super tough black type III “hard anodized” coating. It also unveils our revolutionary new DropShock™ Body: an exclusive impact absorbing three-layer design (aluminum, polycarbonate, TPU) that dissipates energy to withstand extreme bumps, drops, and collisions.

Black OPS is set for deployment this Friday at zero hundred hours. So, get ready, because we know you know a great deal when you see one.

Our Weekend Getting Board with Sk8r Grrls in Encinitas

When the weekend rolls around, we here at Element Case are always up for catching some rays in the So Cal sun…as well as getting a little more exposure for our brand. So, it was fitting that the weekend found us a stone’s throw from the Pacific at something called Exposure 2017.

The biggest women’s skateboarding competition in the world, the event featured a purse of $50,000 and attracted dozens of top skaters from virtually every corner of the globe. Five different events were contested—street am, bowl am, vert am and pro, street pro, bowl pro—with each split into two age categories (14 and under, 15 and over). The competitors ranged in age from a mere 5 years old to a grizzled “grayhair” of 35.

Hundreds of fans enjoyed a full day’s worth of grinds, flips, and slides, giving us a chance to enjoy some face time with a whole bunch of folks that make “thrill” a part of their everyday lives. We even invited attendees to visit our tent and #upgradeyourcase…and more than a hundred people gave us their current iPhone case in exchange for a shiny new REV.

The competition was staged by an organization called Exposure, whose motto is “Empowering women and girls through skateboarding.” The group’s events serve a dual purpose: to create opportunities for professional, amateur, and beginning female skaters; and to support at-risk communities by raising awareness, funding and resources for local non-profits.

Great cause. Great skaters. And a great time.


Element Case #UpgradeYourCase Event at Moto Beach Classic

Moving from nosebleed seats to field level. Getting a banana split instead of a single scoop. Switching out the alley-side standard room for the penthouse suite with ocean view.

It’s known as the upgrade. Something we at Element Case like to do when the inspiration strikes us. ‘cuz we like people, we like happy, and we like making people happy. It’s just the way we are.

At the Moto Beach Classic in Orange County, California, our company tent turned Surf City into Swap City when we announced to the crowd that we were offering a chance to get a stylin’ new Element Case. All they had to do was give us their current iPhone case and make a social media post about the exchange. More than 200 people took us up on the offer and the hashtags started flying.

The case upgrade. Just our way of promoting the act of recycling and helping to make the world a better-looking place.