Mixtape Table by Jeff Skierka Designs

Jeff Skierka Designs has created an awesome coffee table for anyone that still remembers the golden days of cassette tapes. The mixtape table is a 12:1 scaled replica of a cassette tape, complete with reversibility (sides A and B). It is a first prototype and one-of-a-kind table, and the design company is working to get it into production soon. Made of reclaimed maple, walnut and lucite, this is probably the coolest coffee table ever.

Good Wood Skateboard Art Exhibit

A Detroit art exhibit featured 100 custom skateboard decks, each unique from the others. Designed by over 80 local artists, each deck was up for auction, starting at just $50. 100% of Good Wood proceeds were donated to Power House Productions Ride It Sculpture Park in Detroit, and the auction raised over $25,000 to build the skate park.

Measuring the Universe

This video illustrates the complexities of measuring distance in our universe with simple, easy to understand examples and animation. Part of an exhibition called “Measuring the Universe: from the Transit of Venus to the Edge of the Cosmos” at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the film is being shown in order to help people understand how we are currently trying to measure the vastness of space. The exhibition runs from March to September, and is held in honor of the last transit of Venus across the sun for 105 years.

People People Speaker

Finding high-end speakers that look awesome without taking up too much space is almost impossible. Or at least it used to be. People People is producing a hi-fi speaker system that offers amazing quality as well as sleek, high-end design. The People People Speaker answers consumer difficulties of design and usability with simplicity and functionality.

A transparent unit mounted on the wall lets these speakers blend in anywhere. To make it hassle-free, a wifi antenna can plug into any computer, smartphone or music player that has a headphone socket. Now getting great quality sound from any platform is possible – from iPhones to record players, these speakers are able to deliver.

People People is also making moves to stay green by cutting down on shipping and supporting local businesses. The set is shipped in a small, flat package, and the glass used to make the box for the speakers is ordered through local glass repair shops nearest to the customer. The unit can be assembled at home, and offers a simple solution to the headache that is usually high-end electronics.  Very clever to not only design a simple and effective product but to build in local business into the supply chain.

Water Cathedral by GUN architects Project brings Caverns to Urban Chile

A public outdoor installation in Santiago, Chile, the Water Cathedral Project acts as an urban nave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites. Numerous vertical components vary in height and density, allowing rain to drip down at different pulses and speeds. Rainwater flows through the stalactites, gradually flowing down and creating a cooling effect for visitors and viewers below. The installation, designed by Chilean artists GUN Arq, provides a cool, shaded sitting area for the public set in stark contrast to its urban environment.

'water cathedral' by GUN architects, santiago, chile image guy wenborne; YAP CONSTRUCTO 2011, courtesy constructo all images courtesy GUN architects


Skate It or Hang It?! The Evolution of Skateboard Art

The exhibition, “Skate It or Hang It!? The Evolution of Skateboard Art” will be held at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) from June 16, 2012 to September 16, 2012.

The exhibition will examine the visual aspects skateboarding, a sport important to contemporary youth culture since the 1970s, by presenting a broad range of styles, imagery, and visual expression in skateboard art.

With a broad focus on skateboard graphics—in particular the styles and methods used to embellish skateboard decks—the exhibition will appeal to a broad range of skateboarders, designers, artists and to Atlanta’s youth in general.

Visitors will come to understand skateboard graphics in a variety of ways, as Skate It or Hang It!? will include:
A survey of skateboard art from the 1970s to the present day

Original installations by Atlanta-based artists influenced by skateboard art such as Alex Brewer aka HENSE and Charlie Owens

Educational activities in which children are invited to design and create their own skateboard decks.

The Broadband Revolution Hits Everest

Imagine MT. Everest, the beauty of it all, Mother Nature at her best, 8000+ miles above sea level, and you can take a photo with your iphone and post to facebook and instagram instantly! Yes it’s true; today’s technology is heading to the highest peaks and coldest places on earth.

In the 70s and 80s, Mt. Everest expeditions ran from 2 porters from base camp to the village, but now it’s easy with a 3G network costing from 4 cents per minute. For lab top users, the Ncell’s USB Wi-Fi antenna is the same size as a memory stick costing $30 in the village. Add this to your gear list before climbing to base camp!

ENESSERE Hercules Design

The Hercules ENESSERE Wind Generator offers significant advantages as it can be placed anywhere. The ENESSERE was designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings and contribute to enhancing the architectural context in which it is installed. It’s ideal location is in private villas, gardens and public parks.

The beauty and design can reconcile the need for a technological and economic development with its surroundings, respecting fully the nature and the places where we live. The distinctive design of Hercules ENESSERE Wind Generator offers significant advantages as it can be placed in any landscape, even of high prestige beauty.

Mulberry meets the Frieze Projects artists

As part of the first ever Frieze New York Mulberry has sponsored Frieze Projects, which sees eight artists commissioned to create installations and artworks around the fair’s home on Randall’s Island in New York City.


When you get off the pier from NYC the viewer immediately is engulfed in custom art projects.  Artists integrate their art in a natural setting as well as create incredible exhibits that are linked back to the history of the city.  A must see next time around.  For more info check out Mulberry.











Berlin + Robot = Robotic Graffiti

Robots in Architecture is on the road again. In Berlin, there was a 2-day robot masterclass that introduced participants to the KUKA|prc plugin for Grasshopper. From what started out with automatic toolpath generation for robotic writing quickly moved on to multi-axis spraypainting on the host university’s white walls.

Using an Arduino board, the KUKA robot interfaced with the spraygun, allowing designs that consist of multiple strokes.  Truly amazing when art and technology meet.